Fusion power: Is fusion a safe way to produce electricity?

  • Fusion is safe with proper procedures established and followed

    Fusion power is a highly safe form of energy production under the right, controlled circumstances, with proper policies and procedures set in place to ensure proper use. The potential for a meltdown or nuclear disaster is not all too likely. Although it would be devastating if a nuclear accident occurred, it is not likely that this would occur if proper procedures were established and certain precautions were taken to mitigate possible accidents.

  • Fusion power is the future of safe electricity production

    Fusion power has great potential for the future of electricity production worldwide. This process has been studied and refined over the last 100 years. It will take a committed group of scientists and world leaders to come together for the refinement, categorization, safeguarding and distribution of fusion-created electricity. The not-so-distant future looks promising despite significant barriers in current scientific knowledge of this phenomenon. One thing is for sure: the potential for a money saving, safe alternative to coal-burning electricity is great.

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