Fusion power: Is muon catalyzed fusion a viable option?

  • No. Muon catalyzed fusion is not a practical power source.

    No. With the current technology, it is considered impractical to use muon catalyzed fusion as a viable power source. It takes a very large amount of muons to create viable energy, and we currently have no other way of producing large amounts of muons without using an even larger amount of energy. Funds in advancement would be better spent on renewable, non-nuclear energy sources.

  • Muon Catalyzed Fusion is Not a Viable Option

    Muon catalyzed fusion is not a viable option because the energy it takes to create the materials used far exceed any benefits that exist. Additionally, there are some very serious problems with muons. One of them is that muons are not stable, thus making muon catalyzed fusion less of a viable option. While new discoveries may make this process successful in the future, it is not viable now.

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