Gadgets significally enrich classroom learning

Asked by: joiji
  • Of course they do!

    Wonder is not to be overlooked! Gadgets can inspire awe, they can make children think! I would argue that kids need to be taught how to think, and taught to always be in search of wonder! This is what inspires intellectual growth, looking at the world and how it works... How simple things can be used to compose compound things or gadgets!

    Gadgets will not do this for everyone, some will just accept them at face value. But, I think, could be taught in a way as to see them as so much more! Some (like me) will see a mechanical pencil and will take it apart... Feeling compelled to understand its method to function! When little, everything I saw drew me to wonder. This is not a bad thing! Showing kids how things work will draw them to LOOK for how things work!

    I would say the problem is with the classroom (or parents). We need to introduce gadgets, integrate them into the education! What is this thing we are using? Why does it work? How does this improve life? Why do we use it?

    Gadgets are tools. Good tools should be introduced, and should be taught appropriately. To deny this necessity is to deny children tools that will help them in their lives.

    I would argue teaching bad gadgets too! Use them to teach children how to identify bad gadgets! This will... Carry into other concepts in life. Teaching how to identify poorly constructed ideas. How to identify fraud. How to not be hoodwinked by what, in its complexity, seems like a good concept.

    Of course, we start simple in all these gadgets. Move more complex, showing good and bad gadgets and why they are considered such. If we don't do this... If we just say "this is bad, its not how I was taught in school!" then we deny our kids the future. We deny them knowledge that we gained through so much time and effort... How is the future to get better if we do not give children the starting point that is our hard won leaving point?

  • Tech does not help

    If the technology fails it can leave a school-wide or county-wide panic as seen with most benchmark tests and final exams where as paper and pencil note/test taking does not ever fail unless you don't have a pencil. Therefore technology can be temperamental at times and makes it impossible to stay on a strict time schedule and teach students all of the material.

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