Galaxy S 5 and Galaxy Note 4 are better than any other phone

Asked by: noved18
  • I have a Note 4 and it's amazing

    Samsung makes phones that are literally 10x better than Apple. Maybe they should sell their chassis to Apple and have them just stick iOS on it. Apple is only dominating the mobile device market because they're known for the iPod. Samsung has really got it down, they were the first to make a phablet. Apple is gonna try to follow suit 2 years later with their easily bendable, weakling iPhone 6+, but they might get sued by Samsung (karma for suing Samsung so many times!). Apple refuses to add a stylus. Samsung's S Pen is the most amazingest technology ever.

  • Samsung knows how to make a phone

    Samsung makes the best phones out there. They do have some competition but when it comes to specs and features, Samsung is one of the best out there. No other phone can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy note 4. Not even their number one competitor, iPhone 6

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