Gallup poll: 58% of Americans now say pot should be legalized. Do you agree with them?

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  • Marijuana should be LEGAL

    It is less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol, and has no over dose or coming off effect. You can't become addicted to it, and also it is extremely cheap and affordable. The government can make a vast profit on it and taxe the substance. Regulation of how clean the product will actually help the public by providing a safer drug.

  • Not A Danger

    The most obvious argument is that weed is far less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco which are both legal. It's great for the economy. Like any other substance it can be abused, however the effects of abuse are small. If responsible people choose to use marijuana responsibly then who is to deny them?

  • Of course why not?

    To those claiming "it's a gateway drug!" Well it's only a gateway drug because you purchase it from a dealer. Those dealers sell other drugs. By cutting this person from your life, you're not tempted to purchase other drugs when asked if you want to try 'e' for example. Legalise it and create a new economy.

  • Why shouldn't we?

    Studies have shown that weed is a lot less dangerous than cigarettes and booze. For those of you that believe it should be illegal because it's a drug, remember that cigarettes are smoked drugs and they're legal.

    Plus, legalizing weed can be a great way to get more taxes. Booze and cigarettes are taxed, why not weed?

    Cigarettes and Alcohol influence have caused more deaths than marijuana. Plus, they are both legal, but we all aren't alcoholics and/or smokers.

  • For God's sake, we're in the 21st century!

    If it wasn't illegal for centuries, why now when we're supposed to be smarter and more educated? Knowing that it can be beneficial for health issues? Sorry, but I'm not sorry that a vast majority of people born after 1960 or aren't from the South, have open their minds to a reality.

  • Why the hell not?

    There is nothing bad about weed... The only statistic that is supposedly true that i've seen apposing this is that "1 in 11 people who smoke it every day are addicted", and even if that is true, 1 in eleven?! Who smoke it every day?!?! I mean come on. Weed isnt that bad.

  • Two words. SELF DISCIPLINE!

    If you abuse the plant and continually get high and not do anything with your life well guess what that's your own fault; weed didn't make you do anything. It has been proven that weed contains no addictive properties. I know people whom are highly involved in using marijuana, yes some are as lazy as can be, but the real people who want to make something of themselves use moderation and make sure that they get done what needs to get done and smoke when they feel like smoking.

  • Yes I agree

    The Gallup poll clearly states that 58 percent of Americans say pot should be legalized. This I agree with. Too bad the question did not ask us how we opine on the issue , rather than if we agree that the poll made a conclusion. Perhaps if it said "Gallup poll: 58% of Americans now say pot should be legalized. Do you agree with the 58 percent/"

  • Weed for the win

    While investigating, I realized something else quite important. Medical marijuana is not new, and the medical community has been writing about it for a long time. There were in fact hundreds of journal articles, mostly documenting the benefits. Most of those papers, however, were written between the years 1840 and 1930. The papers described the use of medical marijuana to treat "neuralgia, convulsive disorders, emaciation," among other things.

  • Marijuana laws are archaic

    Marijuana laws were mainly started in the 30's by the FBN (Federal Bureau of Narcotics). Much like the prohibition, these laws were based off of bogus claims that marijuana was deadly, ruined peoples lives, and had many horrible side effects (Note: this was when doctors were advocating cigarettes for medical use). Modern medical professionals have already disproved these claims, but the DEA refuses to release their grip on marijuana, potentially saving many people from death, because the refuse to back down on their claims. Their last arguments stand are a) marijuana OVERDOSE temporarily reduces your I. Q. And b) it is damaging to MINORS. They are so focused on these claims that they are letting MEDICAL METHAMPHETAMINE stay legal federally, yet marijuana is only legal in 19 states. As everybody has realized, the DEA needs to suck up their pride, admit they're wrong, and let science dedicate their principles, not stereotypes.

  • It is wrong

    Pot should not be legal because it is a LAW! I don't understand why liberals want to be so lax on some laws (drug laws) but want to go crazy to strengthen others (gun laws). Most people who own guns are law abiding citizens but most people who smoke pot are slack ass nobodys who want something for nothing and have never earned an honest days wage in their whole life!

  • Why should we?

    Alcohol and tobacco have been part of our country's history since our existence, so it makes more sense to legalize them since they are not new substances. Marijuana, however, has so many problems that it is unreasonable to even consider making it legal.

    Marijuana requires humid and hot conditions to grow, which can cause respiratory problems as well as structural damage to the building. The logic that cigarette and alcohol influenced people have caused more deaths than marijuana is an over generalization. We have not been actively investigating people who die when under the influence of marijuana due to directly related causes because we do not have the advanced technology to detect the substance in a corpse.

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