• Casino Do More Harm

    Casinos cause gambling addicts. When people become addicted, they will use all their money, or almost all their money. That will cause them to become bankrupt, and they will not be able to pay their taxes. They will become homeless and without a job. Only a small amount of people will get profit. They will go home rich, and a lot of others will go home bankrupt.

  • Should give warning

    Casinos could be the start of a downward spiral,for some its part of a night out, but for others it could lead to a long tough battle with addiction,the gamble is no one can tell if there going to become addicted, anyone can be vulnerable. Only when its to late.

  • Don't bet on casinos

    Casinos prey on people that are weak and need and escape from their regular lives so they seek the thrill of winning. Casinos know this and so they make it to where people do not win near as much as they could, and where the casinos would still make a profit. The casinos do not do any charity work with there money but instead just invest it back into themselves and continue the cycle all over again.

  • I do not believe that casinos cause more harm than good.

    I do not believe that casinos cause more harm than good. People have their own choice as to if they want to gamble or not. Casinos boost local economies, and provide an influx of cash as well as attracting tourists. If a person doesn't want to risk losing money, they shouldn't gamble.

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