Gambling tax: Should the amount of the money paid through gambling tax be decreased?

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  • The benefits of gambling tax is the reason many people support gambling.

    The reason many people support legalized gambling and the construction of casinos is the money gambling taxes bring into the local community. If gambling tax was decreased, then there would be less money flowing through communities as the result of legalized gambling. So even though reducing the gambling tax would be beneficial to individual gamblers, it would hurt the community at large over a long period of time.

  • Gambling taxes keep schools open

    No, gambling taxes should not be decreased. It is my belief that schools are supported by the revenue generated by gambling. Further, gambling money goes toward infrastructure. In these uncertain times, states need all the revenue they can get and gambling is the way to go. Gambling also supports surrounding small business. People are going to gamble no matter what. Why not improve our communities with that money instead of organized crime.

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