• Gaming can improve you, trust me

    We all know that games are the best, but, some parents don't like it. Fine, I see how it is bad specially when you could be reading a book about calculus or quantum physics. Here is the thing, what is you played a game that is completely based on the study topic. For example, people have design a game called Qcraft. It is basically a replica of minecraft but instead of magic spells, they replaced it with actual quantum effects like paradoxes and more. Fine you might be saying that is only one game, how about the violent games like Battle Field. It is proven that playing fast pace action games like battle field improves your decision making skill in a short amount of time and reflex. It's not all that bad.

  • Gaming Side benefit

    Video games can be the best gifts for kids but gradually parents might regret having ever introduced them to the kids. However, the worldwide popularity of gaming has come up as the living proof how attractive it is for gamers across the globe. Gaming may have a number of baneful influences, but its positives cannot be ignored too because it brings great value for the human race as a whole. They are much more than mere toys, if you start counting the advantages of gaming.

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