• Game is very good.

    I love video games, I am 14, and I have almost straight A's. I'm not attributing the fact that I play to the fact I get good grades, just that gaming does not hurt my intelligence. Game is bringing people together through online communities and local gaming competitions and conventions. Game is art. It lets developers express emotions, tell stories and spread awareness In ways never thought possible before. Game is innovative. It is pushing the boundaries of technology through VR and expansive open world games, paving the way for other industries to use this technology in fields like medicine, engineering, and artistic design. There are so many ways game is good, they can't be listed. So not only is game good, game is awesome.

  • Gaming is good.

    It builds their social skills, problem solving, thought process - games are what society needs. Games doesn't neccesarily mean 'video games', it means things like chess, puzzles, whatnot. Games are beneficial to society and it's members. People who raise their children to spend 15 minutes on the TV or on the Computer are twisted parents who want to force old ideals onto modern children who have their own needs and wants. Let them have fun while they can.

  • As long as we do not addict to it.

    Game seems to be considered as a evil by some people, yet I would still say Game itself is good. Game provide us(not just children) a way to relax. I don't know much information about how game can benefit us. However, I know human need amusement, we are not able to toil for a certain time without any break. And playing and enjoying games is the best way to take a rest. Card games,chess, online games, just name but a few. Countless kind of game enable us to get rid of the drudgery. SO ENJOY GAME WHEN GETTING TIRED, WORK HARD WHRN IT IS TIME TO EXERT.

  • Video games can be good for you.

    A quote about the evidence on con:"In Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association (2011) the US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that California could not ban the sale of violent video games to minors. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the majority opinion that studies purporting to show a connection between violent video games and harmful effects on children "have been rejected by every court to consider them, and with good reason: They do not prove that violent video games cause minors to act aggressively."" -Procon.Org

    Also video game studies actually show that playing can improve brain performance. This is one of them:

  • Video Games could actually be good

    Aside from just being fun, the benefits of video games greatly outweigh the perceived negatives. Most popular games today, even those that may seem like nothing but violence can greatly increase problem solving, strategic thinking, social, and teamwork skills. Furthermore games that require focus can substantially improve eye and/or hand coordination, and almost all games provide positive reinforcement, by rewarding players if they have done an objective successfully. A big speculative pessimistic aspect of video games is how much they influence young children and their behavior, but I believe that this all dependent on who's playing it, we can take GTA 5 for an example, GTA 5 has had ≈33.8 people play its multilayer mode in one point or another, and this number is massive compared to the people who have played GTA 5's single player and/or multiplayer mode and thought and done something abnormally violent, just due to playing GTA 5 (not taking in account to those that have some sort of mental instability issue). So in short, I would say for children, just as long there is a significant amount of supervision (mostly social interactions) video games are completely okay.

  • Gaming increases problem solving.

    Children who play Minecraft, Pokémon, or Call of Duty type games, need to think to get out of tough situations, their imaginations to build, and problem solving for tactics when battling in Pokémon. It also allows increases of children socializing in about the game in real life, or talking over the game chat. Gaming is very beneficial to American society.

  • Children shouldn't play games.

    If children focus on the games too much, someone doesn't talk with family. They have less taking an interest with others unconsciously so their parents should advise them. And the problem is their parents can't control or don't have time enough to advise. This disadvantage may affect children such as health problems or socializing.

  • Game is not so good

    It is beneficial for many people when they playing games, especially tactic and strategic ones likes War Craft or Halflife. Those would help players learning how to managing and thinking critically. However, the foreseeable benefits itself are overwhelmed by perceived drawbacks. Students, who are the potential customers of many game companies, dedicating much time and money for this entertainment platform instead of enrolling in social activites or searching for their favorite sports. In other words, the more time they spend for sitting in front of the screen, the less practical skills and knowlegde they can learn. Futhermore, their health may be put under jeopardy if playing game becoming their daily routine.

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