Game of Thrones: Do you view Kristian Nairn's character any different, knowing now that the actor is gay?

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  • Hodor is still Hodor

    I love Hodor. I do not love Hodor any less now that I know the actor who plays Hodor is gay. Whether an actor is gay or not has absolutely no effect on whether I like them as a person or especially as a character. Hodor is forever amazing. Hodor.

  • No, I do not view Kristian Nairn any differently.

    No I do not view Kristian Nairn or his character any differently knowing he is gay, and why should I?? I personally do not watch the show but what an ignorant question! Why would anyone view someone differently upon finding out that that person is gay? He is the sane actor he has always been and i am sure that the character is the same as well.

  • Sexuality makes no difference

    An actor's sexual preferences should make no difference in the character's they play. Kristian's personal life should not refelct on the character at all and people should view each character for their own merits. If you like Game of Thrones, you should enjoy it not matter what the individual actors do in their personal lives.

  • No I Do Not

    I've only watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones and wasn't particularly interested in it. I don't know why a person would view a character differently simply because they learn the actor is gay. I think a person that has such a problem needs to figure out why they see things differently with that non-consequential change.

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