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  • The Game of Thrones Season Finale Did Not Disappoint!!!

    I loved The Hound's cliffhanger...will he die, or won't he?? I also loved the fight between The Hound and Brienne...Tyrion Lannister walking off into the sunset...sort of, makes me think there could be another place popping up in the opening credits. I guess people will be talking about Tywin's death for ages!!! Leaving out Sansa Stark--what's going to happen to her next season? It was thoroughly enjoyable and didn't disappoint!!

  • The finale was a wonderful ending to a climactic season

    The Game of Thrones season four finale, The Children, was a huge and successful end to a thrilling season. Book readers may worry about slight changes from the source material that add up to larger and larger deviations, but ultimately the show delivered in episode 10. Bringing many storylines to a close, but also to a exciting way forward, the finale did everything it could to make it hard to wait until next season!

  • Not at all

    Those who believe that the season finally was disappointing must have been expecting something that was unachievable in terms of awesomeness. The season finale was thrilling to watch, and kept me on the edge of my seat nearly the whole time. It left me disappointed only because I have to wait until the next season starts.

  • It got great reviews.

    No, the Season Finale of Games of Thrones did not disappoint, because they really lived up to the hype. The reviews were great. Tyrion escaped the King's Landing, but not without a lot of drama and hardship. There was a great deal of suspense and a good plot always makes for a good episode.

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