• Of Course Not

    Gaming is now a massive billion dollar industry that has no right to be ignored by the public. It is the newest most interactive story telling medium we have ever created. Games should be moderated so that only the appropriate audience receive more or less mature games, but not banned.

  • S s s

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  • Only one answer.

    While video gamessage that are made for the sole purpose of getting money (EA or Activision) should be watched over there are in fact games that focus on video games being a form of art instead of some product that needs to be sold. That is all I will say.

  • No, of course not.

    I feel that banning videogames from the general public would be a violation of the first amendment. On top of this, I feel that games are obviously not as harmful as many people say they are. They can be a serious distraction to young children, but other than that, they are usually good fun.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Video games might keep kids distracted from the real world, but its a HUGE source of entertainment! Donkey Kong, Super Mario, even Sonic the Hedgehog! This stuff has been going around from the 80's and doesn't seem like it should be stopping. Whoever wrote this has to be kidding me right now.

  • People have a right to entertainment

    Games are a form of entertainment and art. People have a right to consume this media. Different people enjoy different things. Just because some people might not like someone's hobby doesn't mean it should be banned, provided it doesn't interfere with others.

    Everyone would laugh at you if you proposed that we should ban, say, books. The only real difference is that books have educational potential. However, why should everything we do be educational? Also, video games have educational potential as well.

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