Gaming IPOs: Was it a smart business move for King Digital to go public?

  • Yes, in-game purchases alienate players.

    Yes, it was a very smart move for King Digital to go public. Currently the most basic in-game items for games such as Candy Crush Saga cost around $1 each, but by selling shares at between $21 and $24 each King Digital will be able to raise around $7 billion, reducing their reliance on the in-game purchases which have alienated many players.

  • Was it smart for King Digital to go public?

    I think this was a good move on their part. Now people who play and enjoy their games can help the company support and grow. It makes people feel closer to what they love and play on a daily basis, while helping support their favorite game company through more than just buying and playing their games.

  • No - King based their popularity on one game

    I think it was a poor decision for King Digital to go public. While they have a variety of games that people enjoy, I feel the decision came based off the back of popularity in Candy Crush, a game that my personal experience with it has found infuriating, and by now I haven't played it in a few months. I'm sure the same applies with their other games as well. This will cause King Digital to lose popularity, meaning people will not have faith in the company, and will not give them their money.

  • King Digital Faces a Challenge Since Going Public

    King Digital Entertainment recently went on the New York Stock exchange after raising $500 million in an IPO. But it had a disappointing response from the market and shares opened at $20.50, below the offer price of $22.50, and fell lower at close of the day by 15 percent. King's mobile game "Candy Crush" has already started to lose popularity and will lose the sales and revenue it generates if the maker doesn't come up with new ideas to boost the game back to its former popularity.

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