Gang rape allegations in Dubai: Are Dubai's laws outdated and misogynistic?

  • Yes, I think so.

    For a rape conviction to actually be handed down, UAE law mandates either a confession from the rapist or a witness account from four adult males. And with neither of those things readily available, along with laws on the books that make extramarital sex illegal, women reporting rape are likely to find themselves as the subject of criminal investigation and, often, harsh sentencing.

  • Allegations of Rape Should Be Investigated

    Anyone who is a victim of rape, whether in Dubai, or any other country should be able to report the allegation to the police. Police should be there for the people's protection. Dubai has laws penalizing women for extramarital sex and are often convicted of this crime when they allege rape. Dubai's laws need to be re-evaluated and serious crimes given more weight. While it is understood that this country has their beliefs based on Islamic law, they need to protect all visitors of their country as well. The message is being sent that men are free to rape women without worry that they will be prosecuted. By investigating rape allegations, rather than jailing the victim and setting the alleged rapist free, more rapes could be prevented.

  • Dubai's laws are misogynistic

    There are many examples of the ways in which the laws and customs in Dubai are behind the times and could certainly use with being more progressive, most especially with regards to the way in which these laws are applied to women and their dependants. This is shown up by the recent gang rape accusations.

  • No, this is not true.

    I disagree with this point. I don't think that the Dubai's laws are outdated and misogynistic. This is so because, the laws do not allow for gang rape. I believe that their laws are strict against such crimes and that the gang will face the tough law. They should look into this matter critically.

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