• There is nothing wrong with playboy.

    As a female, I don't feel that play boy objectifies any body. I posted an opinion topic the other day on weather or not nudity should be censored. This is a perfect example. Weather you disagree with them or not, you have no right to tell them not to.

    99.9% of the photos in the magazines are tasteful. They might be a little erotic but they are done in a tasteful manner. The women who work their feel safe, comfortable, and volunteer to model for the magazines.

    Nudity shouldn't be frowned on. These girls, and the magazine do more than take pictures of naked women, They celebrate their bodies. Not as sexual objects, but as works of natural art. The human body is a beautiful thing, and Playboy exploits that art. There is nothing wrong with that. If any thing, as a girl, I feel empowered by that. The magazine helps me to think that my body is beautiful no mater what.

    There is also more to the magazine than nudity. The majority of their magazines are filled with articles on all sorts of subjects. They are also well written. They cover politics, religion, science, love, etc. There is a lot to read in those magazines. I know people who buy the magazines and don't even look at the nude art.

    But here is the real reason it is good for America. The magazine was and is one of the first mediums to tackle a lot of taboo subjects, Gay marriage, Racial equality, drug legalization, and a lot more. They write articles about these things and they do make a difference. In a lot of ways they helped to lead social acceptance.

    Playboy is not porn. It is art. Enjoy your body enough, no matter what you look like, to be able to enjoy the art of other people's bodies. You are as beautiful as they are.

    Yes Play Boy is good for America.

  • Playboy is a good thing

    I think Playboy is a great thing for America. I think it is a good way for people who like to look at naked women a legal way to do so. I think it also helps that there is a age limit and you do not have to worry about underage girls being exposed.

  • Freedom to Express Oneself

    I don't think that playboy should be frowned upon by people. The girls who are playboy bunnies have volunteered, and it is a very controlled environment. A lot of modelling etc can have a danger element, but for this organisation the girls are safe and looked after. The girls are also allowed to come and go as their please, and obtain other jobs whilst maintaining their work for playboy.

  • It's very degrading and pathetic.. They should go get a real job and actually do something with their lives

    Don't you guys have a wife or girlfriend? If so I hope they don't you cuz u disrespect her. Play boy treats women like objects and only encourages porn. It's pathetic and annoying. Are you that ugly and desperate that u have to look at porn? Just sayin.. It's not right at all! There are better things you should be doing with your lives..If you even have one.

  • It degrades women.

    As much as they like to say that it doesn't, Playboy is not good for America because it degrades women. The women of Playboy are expected to be sexually promiscuous. Playboy seems to think that it is incompatible to celebrate a woman's beauty without also turning them into a sexual object.

  • No, I don't believe it is.

    The publication clearly objectifies women and it's not something we need in today's society. I think it portrays women as objects solely for men's enjoyment and nothing more. I don't find anything good about having Playboy in America. I don't think it adds anything and sets out unreasonable expectations for sex and women's bodies.

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