Gay adoption: Are homosexual parents of equal quality in raising children?

  • They have the potential

    The only reason homosexual parents are less capable than heterosexual parents of raising a child is because bigots say that they are, and that stigma follows the child around. If people were more accepting and stopped trying to shame gay people, there's nothing to indicate that they would be less capable of raising a son or daughter.

  • Parenting is an equal opportunity burden.

    The frequent argument about gay adoption is that they'll recruit the children they're raising to be gay. This seems rather silly when you consider that virtually all gay people were raised by heterosexual parents, yet they still turned out to be gay. Gay parents have shown to be as equally competent and incompetent as heterosexuals in raising kids, and should not be prevented from doing so.

  • Homosexual parents are of equal quality when it comes to raising children.

    Homosexual parents are of equal quality when it comes to raising children.Two loving parents can be just as special even if they are the same gender.It does not take a parent of each gender to make a good childhood just takes two parents that both have love in their hearts.

  • Homosexuals are parents of equal quality in raising children

    Homosexuals are parents of equal quality in raising children. This is because of the fact that homosexuals are equal in general, in every aspect, except for the fact that their sexual preferences are different. Homosexuals are just as fit for parenting as straight parents for this reason, and should be able to parent.

  • Yes, they are.

    All credible studies show that gay and lesbian parents are very capable of raising healthy and happy children. In one study, the lesbian couples actually raised children who were more well adjusted than the children raised by heterosexual couples in the study. The data does indicate that in general, sexual orientation has no bearing on whether a couple will be good or bad parents.

  • Yes, homosexuals can be quality parents.

    Yes, homosexual parents can properly raise children. It still comes down to the individual and their belief system. There are some heterosexual couples that do a terrible job at raising kids. If it means a child having a better future, love and support, then I approve. I believe that people are becoming more accepting of homosexual parents.

  • a loving home is a loving home

    The question of if a gay couple are capable of raising a child was a last attempt to hold back the LGBT community. Studies have proven that there is no difference between a child with heterosexual parents and a child with homosexual parents but people still will not allow themselves to see reason. If you ask me a child raised by homosexuals may actually be better off because they have no choice but to believe in equality for all

  • Actually Studies Show They're Better At It

    Gay parents aren't equal, they're better. Raising healthy children requires teaching empathy and compassion even in the face of those without it. And no one has more empathy than the gay community. Which may be why the majority of studies show exponentially that gay parents raise healthier children. Keep on parenting gays!

  • Are you Kidding me?? You've Got to be joking!!

    No, NO, and triple NO should/are homosexuals be even considered equal in raising children or a family. People, your killing me!! Where are your heads?? You have been mesmerized by this wicked and "Love is Love" garbage agenda. One question for ANY OF YOU!! Who speaks up and has a voice for the Children that are in any of these homes?? I'm waiting. I'll keep waiting until you understand and hear the truth behind the madness. The harsh reality is that the children do not have a chance or a choice of this matter. Most children since they Naturally / Biologically come from a mother and a father wish and desire just that. They would like to have a loving mother and a father whom could raise them with the chance to have balance and stability of knowing the characteristics of both sides versus ONE Male or Female sides of view. Let's face it, they don't stand a chance in a homosexual home of that balance. Sorry, (like it or not) homosexuals, but it is the raw facts. On a HIGHER Average, Gay Men and Women couples just don't have the capability to provide a child with a BETTER chance of growing into a stable man or woman whom thinks objectively of a natural attraction. Let's be real, they will want the child to model their actions. Is that fair?? Is it right?? Where does the child have a chance or a choice?? Truth is, is that homosexuals are in denial when they say that they are just as fit to raise a child as a healthy heterosexual couple. They are just too selfish and self centered to have things their own way, versus understanding what is the best for the child. Oh yeah... I have heard this before, 2 people loving the child is better than no-one, however, providing the child the best possible chance of a normal healthy life, has more weight towards loving them versus having them as a trophy. Actually, people towards this issue are very ignorant and have not brushed up on the hardcore facts/dangers about children being raised this way. They have been raped, demeaned, abused, and given no chance towards a healthy diverse upbringing (male / female). They also struggle with identity and usually have grave mental struggles with life in general. Most kids even try to commit suicide due to identity pressure and anxiety. These are the truths people, look them up for yourselves. I know I will get all kinds of people calling me bigot and every name in the book, but the Truth should be the main priority and focus for the children. Children in a homosexual home sadly have no rights to choose. Who advocates the innocent anymore?? It isn't fair to a child to have to face an Adult Sexual orientation as their primary focus to comprehend in their mind. They don't have the capacity to understand the issue, confusing them with 2 daddy's or 2 mommy's. NUTz!!!

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