Gay adoption: Can gay parenting be superior to some of current alternatives?

  • Gay adoption fine

    I think that gay adoption is fine. I think that gay parenting can be superior to some current alternatives. I think that if two people love each other and want to raise a family together, then they should be able to. Too often there are people who are in bad relationships and have kids, or people who have an unwanted child. Gay parents are much better than those scenarios, which are quite common. Love is all you need.

  • Gay Parenting Not a Problem

    In some cases, gay couples are far superior parents than heterosexual couples. This isn't necessarily a trend, but it's improper to say that gay couples make terrible parents. They're just as effective at parenting as heterosexual couples, despite what people tend to think. There's no reason they should be blocked from parenting.

  • Gay parenting better than none

    Gay parenting is certainly way more beneficial then just fostering children or having them in a group home. Most gay parents that adopt have thought about keeping children in an environment that is happy and conducive for children. They are not just going to ask for a child and not want them. It is better.

  • Yes, gay parenting can be superior.

    A gay parent or gay couple is probably very open minded and accepting and will give the child a broad world view. This is far superior to some traditional couples who are going to try to inculcate the child into exclusionary views of the world, sometimes without even meaning to or knowing they are doing that.

  • Yes, it can.

    There was a study done that actually showed that the children raised by lesbian parents fared a little better than the children raised by heterosexual parents. If the parents are good people, they will be good parents, regardless of orientation. Certainly good gay or lesbian parents would be better than a heterosexual couple who treats their children poorly.

  • Yes, I don't believe there should even be debate on this

    Gay adoption has been a hot button topic but it really shouldn't be. We have thousands if not tens of thousands of children who need homes in America. These children would be housed in orphanages or Child protective custody which has a horrible track record of producing even slightly nominal childcare situations.

    Why not let Gay couples who desperately want to raise children have the chance to do something that will benefit both the child and themselves. Rather than costing the state thousands of dollars per child and ruining a childs early life could we please let them have a family?

    The only reason I see people not directly ok'ing this sort of thing is that they hold prejudice against gay couples. It's abhorrent and demeaning to not only the gay community but America in general. It is also damaging to children to keep with this prehistoric way of thinking.

  • It's the same, but not superior.

    While I think that currently, gay parenting might score a little higher on teaching their children tolerance and respect for people and ideas different than their own, I don't see it as inherently superior. Any adoption is of course better than a foster home. But they can be just as good or just as bad as any straight parents.

  • Gay parenting is like any other parenting

    Gay adoption should certainly be allowed, but to call it superior is ridiculous. How would a same-sex couple being superior to an opposite sex couple? In what way? In what context? Under what conditions? Gays are not superior to straights, and any attempt to say otherwise would simply be turning the clock back on LGBT rights.

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