Gay adoption: Do gay parents influence children to become homosexual?

  • Our parents greatly influence all aspects of our lives.

    Its has been proven through many studies and history that our parents shape much of our behaviour (either with or without us realising it). To start debating that parents do not influence the sexuality of an individual you have to make the assumption that being gay is a genetic trait that someone is born with (which still has no supporting evidence). Saying that people are born gay implies that that being gay is a genetic defect because it goes against the natural order of reproduction and preservation of the human species.

    So getting to the real point. If a child grows up in an environment where he/she is taught that being gay is normal and right, then it is extremely likely that they will adopt that same lifestyle. There is a phrase that goes "You live what you learn", that supports this. Parents impart many various morales, values, beliefs onto their children, so it's logical to say that if a child grow up seeing their parents or guardians in a homosexual relationship, they may also follow suit.

  • Gay parents sometimes influence children to become homosexual

    Gay parents sometimes influence children to become homosexual. This is because of the fact that whether intended or not, there is a slightly higher chance that a gay parent would be biased towards being gay, and would try to influence a child to become homosexual. This isn't a problem because homosexuality isn't a problem, and isn't a choice for the most part.

  • Yes, gay parent may influence their children to become homosexual

    Yes, I absolutely agree that there is a high chance having 2 gay parents, it is more likely a child becomes homosexual once he is adult. I dont think gay parents can raise healthy minded person because the home atmosphere contributes to children's behavior. So a child with gay parents will have a difficult childhood because his or her family will be considered unique and extraordinary.

  • Gay parents are more likely to have gay childers (( smae as lesbian ))

    Our behavior is influenced by our parents , its more likely to have a murderer child w=if the child is raised by isis members , why ? Because the child is influenced by the parent unconsciously , even though it can be changed by self hypnosis or hypnosis but why become sick to get medicine ? (( im not saying being gay is being sick but its not natural gays and lesbians should try to be like nature ))

  • Gay parents influence children to explore alternative lifestyles.

    It's really a no-brainer. Parents are the world to highly impressionable children. Children only know the world as it's presented to them by their parents. Gay parents, whether they intend to or not, will define what is normal in this world by their daily actions. Children watch everything very closely and mimic the things they see on a daily basis. This becomes a huge part of who they are and who they will likely become as they grow older.

  • This is common sense

    Children's education and how they turn up is based on their parents rather than school and friends. Speaking accents, mannerisms, belief system, who to respect, life choices is heavily influenced by the parents. There would be a higher percentage chance of turning a child gay, lesbian or transexual under the tutelage of homosexual parents rather than straight parents since there are more options given by the parents.

    Straight parents would less likely offer transexual operations or support for homosexual activities. But of course the straight parents would have to b strict in the upbringing and keep their children away from LGBT activities or media exposure.

  • Factoring in the Oedipus Complex

    If we take Freud’s Oedipus complex stage of psychosexual development, it should be the case that children raised from birth by homosexuals will not properly complete this stage of competition for the affection of the parent of the opposite sex—homosexual couples deny the prerquisite for this.

    If 50%+ children raised homosexuals turn out gay themselves then there’s a pattern and Freud’s hypothesis stands.

  • Of course they do...

    My parents, for example, have shaped me to become the great person I am today. I take after my father, I view the world the same as him. My mother and I are opposites however. I love her, but we disagree on many things. I don't have one friend who isn't like one of his/her parents.

  • That's not how it works

    Being gay is a part of who you are and you cannot preach it. If you are raised by gay parents, there is no reason why it should affect your sexuality. Being gay is not a choice, so how does this work? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but my point is: your parents sexuality cannot dictate yours because it is a part of who you are and it is a part of who they are and it's impossible to preach it.

  • Absolutely not, are you insane?

    A parent's sexuality doesn't influence a child's sexuality. A kid doesn't learn to like girls or guys because his parents do. They don't learn it all, it's nature it's natural. That's like saying straight parent's influence they're children to be straight. They don't it's just how they were born. Your sexual orientation isn't a result of environment. It's biological

  • Not at All

    People don't get to choose a sexuality. We didn't wake up one morning and say, "I'm a heterosexual." Having parents of the same gender does not influence a child's sexual orientation because they are supportive and are just like homosexual parents. This question is just like saying do hetero's influence their kids to be straight? It is ridiculous.

  • My straight parents had a gay child...

    Gay parents don't cause straight children, just as straight parents don't cause gay children. Parents' sexuality has no impact on a child's sexuality. It does, however, impact a child's choice of whether or not to come out of the closet if they're gay - people are more likely to come out if they live in an accepting environment.

  • No it is not

    Gay parents dont influence children.Technically,the only people who can influence children to be transgenders is the children themselves.Besides, it is perfectly normal to be homosexual as it is who u love, not which gender u love.Children should be free to be a homosexual or straight.The world population is getting bigger so bisexual people will definitely help the world to lessen down the world population for a better economy and control the human usage of the worlds supplies and the global warming effect caused by humans.

  • Gay Parents Don't Make Kids Gay

    A child won't become a homosexual just because their parents are gay. By now, most people should know that homosexuality is a biological development rather than a choice. Parents' homosexuality doesn't affect their child's sexual orientation in any way, and only bigoted people don't realize this fact in today's world.

  • People Are Born Gay

    If that was the case, then those "pray the gay away," classes that they tried would of worked. People really should learn about these situations before they make comments like this. Gay parents probably influence their children in other ways, like being more tolerant. Bottom line is if you were not born gay, then you are not going to be influenced to become gay by your homosexual parents.

  • No they don't.

    It has never been shown that gay parents influence their children to become homosexual. If a child is going to be gay or not has nothing to do with the parent. Just the same as straight parents don't influence their children to be straight. Although a straight parent may influence their child to stay in the closet if they are gay.

  • Gay Parents Do Not Influence Child's Sexuality

    No, gay parents do not influence the sexuality of their child. Sexuality is something that is ingrained in one's DNA. If a child is going to be gay, that child will be gay. If a child is going to be straight, that child will be straight. Having homosexual parents will not influence this.

  • No, Gay Parents Do Not Influence Their Children's Sexual Orientation

    No, gay parents do not influence their children to become homosexual. Gay parents offer loving, supportive homes for their children, just as straight parents do. Sexual orientation is genetic in nature, not environmental. Children of gay parents are sometimes impacted by their parents' sexual orientation only in that they are subjected to negative social norms that impact them socially and emotionally, but not sexually. In the past, and certainly currently, children of gay parents have been the subjects of bullying or harassment by their peers depending upon their community's social, political or religious norms. Sexual orientation is not a matter of environmental influence, but of biological influence. No one has the power to make another person gay or straight. It is not a choice, it is a biological construct on which society places political affiliations. Children of gay parents are loved as much as any other child. Gay parents do not influence their children to choose a sexual orientation.

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