Gay adoption: Is being brought up by a same sex couple natural?

  • Your parents are your parents regardless of their sexuality

    Yes, I believe that same sex couples can raise a child just as well as a traditional couple. If a couple qualifies for adoption then they should be given the chance to raise their children without the thought people will consider them "unnatural." Good parenting does not equate to what type of parents a couple will. Furthermore, what is considered natural? Some may believe that single parenting is not natural, but it is done all the time.

  • Yes it is.

    Being brought up by the same sex couple is just as natural as being raised by one parents whether that be a mom or a dad. Sometimes parents are not the regular mom and dad that we picture but that does not make them unfit for being a parent just makes them different.

  • Think Full House

    I believe growing up in a same sex household can be natural. If you'll think of the sitcom Full House, three girls where growing up with three Dads rather than a mother and a father. I believe that show gave us an idea of what that situation might be like. It doesn't seem too bad to me, it's much better than what some children get.

  • Gay adoption should be accepted

    The most important thing for children is to be brought up knowing they are loved and treasured. Gay people can provide as much of an environment in which a child can thrive as much as a straight person can. There are plenty of heterosexual parents who have done a terrible job parenting. To leave children unadopted because gay people aren't allowed to adopt is unfair and irrational.

  • Of course it is.

    Why would it be unnatural? It happens in the animal world (i.E. In nature). It's no more unnatural than it is to be raised by a single parent, and definitely more natural than being raised in orphanages or bouncing through the foster system. I think people need to forget their misconceptions and think about what is best for children. If you're growing up in a loving family, being well cared for and educated, does it really matter whether your parents are two women, two men, a man and a woman, just a woman, or just a man?

  • Being brought up by a same sex couple is not natural.

    It is not natural for people to be brought up by a same-sex couple. Kids need to learn about gender roles from a mom and a dad. It is especially unnatural for a girl to be raised by two men without a mother. The two fathers will not be able to explain things to their daughter about women.

  • I don’t think that being brought up by a same sex couple is at all natural.

    I don’t think that being brought up by a same sex couple is
    at all natural. I don’t think that being
    brought up by a same sex couple is right in the sight of God. It would be very awkward at every PTA meeting. What would all of the neighbors think?

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