Gay adoption: Is gay adoption allowable in the face of religious opposition to gay marriage?

  • Stability far outweighs sexuality

    Why does sexuality even weigh into this? Anyone adopting has to go through the wringer to show that they have a stable home, income, etc, in preparation for caring for and supporting a child. In adopting, gay or not, you should go through those steps, and if found good to go in these ways, give a home to a child.

    Especially considering that any fertile person can do this without any scrutiny whatsoever, wouldn't loving parents of whatever responsible shade be better than an orphanage or a constant line of foster homes?

  • It is not our right

    Gay Adoption is not the biggest issue that our society has to face. Gay marriage affects no one. The right to perform a religious ceremony should be held by the pastor, priest, etc.
    However gay adoption is helpful. To those who believe in "traditional" families you speak in ignorance. Traditional is nonexistent in today's society, just look at the divorce rates. Traditional isn't seeing your mother or father every other weekend. Then what about parents walking out? That is far more common in today's society. So should we take away kids from single fathers and mothers who do not have a spouse of the opposite sex in their life? I assume most of you say no.
    My point exactly.

  • Religious people shouldn't have a say in the affairs of people not associated with that religion

    Or course anyone should be allowed to adopt a child, and have a family. Gay adoptions are not the only 'non-traditional' kind of family, but the only one people persecuted and hated. People hide their homophobia behind claims of 'traditional families are better for children" and "my religious beliefs" but the truth is that single parents, or children raised by grandparents, or adopted in other senses are also 'non-traditional' but no one hates on them.
    All that aside, religious people shouldn't have anything to do with what non-religious people are/ are not allowed to do. A few religious people getting upset with gay marriages and gay adoptions should have no right to stop or even protest something that doesn't affect them. This is (part of) what separation between church and state is about.

  • Allow gay adoption

    Gay adoption should be allowed despite the push back from religious forces who say that it is harmful. As long as there is a gay couple that is committed in a way that other straight couples are who adopt, then it is fine. Kids are much better off being with loving families then in group homes.

  • Gay adoption is allowable in face of religious opposition to gay marriage.

    Gay adoption is allowable in face of religious opposition to gay marriage. I do not think that religion should have any say in how a child is raised or by whom. As long as people can give care and support to children then they should be allowed to adopt and raise a child.

  • Live and let live

    With so many different groups of people clamoring for how we should live our lives, it's getting to the point where social laws need to be looked at in general and look at how many people they really effect. Religious organizations have their right to protest, just as much as gay couples have a right to marry.

  • Yes, gay adoption is allowable.

    Gay adoption is definitely allowable. The fact that someone has a different sexual orientation should not preclude them from adoption. We have to many children in foster care that need to find a happy home. Religious opponents to this are prejudice people who have hatred for fellow people. One day they will figure this out.

  • Church And State Are Seperate

    I do not believe religious opposition to gay marriage should interfere at all with homosexual people seeking to adopt children. Church in state were supposedly separated years ago, yet we still find some areas of life where it may have been left in, without much regard or notice that something like this would come up in the future. Yet, here we are finding Christian tendencies that actually limit the behaviors preferred by humans. Things like this shouldn't happen in America, and when they do, they should be corrected as quickly as possible.

  • Yes, gay adoption can be great.

    Anyone who is adopting a child has to go through much more intensive scrutiny than anyone who just finds themselves pregnant. So as long as the rigors are applied across the board, then gay people of course should be able to adopt so that more children can be given a loving home.

  • Religions do not chose who can or cannot adopt.

    Those of a religious nature have every right to oppose gay marriage. These same people have a right to disapprove of gay adoption. That does not mean that the world needs to honor these wishes. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Regardless of ones beliefs there are more children out there who need homes than adoptive families. If parents provide a loving home for these children it should not matter whether they are gay or straight.

  • Gay adoption should not be allowed

    Children have fragile minds. We must be careful not to disturb their childhood. The traditional family is the natural one and the one that works best. The child will feel different and not understand what is going on in a gay family. The Bible says that only a relationship between a man and a woman is to be recognized.

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