Gay adoption: Should promotion of the traditional nuclear family be avoided?

  • Traditional Nuclear Family Meaningless

    Currently, the idea of the traditional nuclear family is a misguided and impractical one. We shouldn't promote the nuclear family. Rather we should promote individuality and taking responsible for one's family along with other positive values. The specific idea of the nuclear family should be avoided in this day and age.

  • Odd wording, but yes

    Encouraging gay adoption isn't specifically going against the traditional nuclear family, it is merely accepting that a well-adjusted individual can come out of an environment that isn't one. Every heterosexual marriage that raises a child doesn't do so in the right way, it's unfair and prejudiced to assume no gay couple can raise a child properly. It's more challenging, not impossible.

  • yes it should

    I think that promotion of the traditional nuclear family should be avoided because that tradition is dying. It is no longer the normal family in America. There are so many different types of families, that anyone who wants to love and support a child should be able to do so.

  • Families Take Many Different Forms

    Gay people (and all members of the GLBTI community), single people (male or female) and people of all races should be able to adopt without restrictions as long as they meet the safety guidelines for adoption. Family takes many different forms in the modern world, and children can be born into any kind of family, so why deny a child up for adoption a family based on these kinds of criteria?

  • Of course promotion of the traditional nuclear family should be in place.

    While promotion of the traditional nuclear family is an acceptable option, non traditional families should not be excluded. Children need loving emotionally mature parents. All evidence points to emotional stability, love, and adequate material wellbeing lead to healthy children becoming healthy adults. This is ever more important with children who have special needs.

  • No but you should allow gay adoption

    I think there should be adoption for both types of families available. If they want to look for a traditional nuclear family first that is fine, but I think there are enough kids who need adoption that all families who qualify will be able to get one gay or not.

  • No, they are better than foster care.

    No, the promotion of the traditional nuclear family should not be avoided in adoption, because the traditional nuclear family is still the ideal family situation. It is preferable to put a child in a traditional nuclear family. If that is not available, though, a child would much rather be in a homosexual home or with a single parent than in foster care.

  • Common sense, children should have a normal family not an abnormal one.

    Children should grow in a normal family of a mother and a father, not father and father or mother and mother..
    We all know that children are brought by female and male, by a natural reproduction.
    A child will ofcourse be negatively influenced by being brought up by two male or two female parents.

  • Gay adoption should not be allowed

    No, I do not think that gay adoption should be allowed and that the nuclear family is needed now more than ever. I think that gays should be allowed some rights, but adoption is not one of them. Babies need both a mother and a father in order to flourish with a nuclear family.

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