• I'm not gay but look

    Some of these programs in other countries have made being gay punishable by death, And these programs expose them to that.

    Https://www. Snopes. Com/fact-check/uganda-murder-gay-chick-fil-a/

    ^ this is the reason you see so many homosexuals avoiding chick-fil-a

    I don't agree with the murder of anyone.

    Now some programs don't do stuff like this, But that fact companies can fund things like this goes to show what they really think about some of the people in the world.

  • Why shouldn’t it be?

    It often makes people suicidal, Depressed, Or drug addicted. At the least it makes them hate themselves a lot, More than normal. These are extra words. These are extra words. Extra words. It’s not a good practice and there is nothing that should keep the practice open at all. Extra word

  • Yes it should

    I think that we should have to make gay conversations illegal because gay is not the right to way to be gays are apparently gonna take over and need to be stopped immediately like right f***ing now ok ok so yeah we should have to make gay conversations illegal for good

  • Conversion therapy that focuses on changing sexual orientation and even non-crippling mental illness should never be forced upon anyone who does not accept to it.

    That is my main statement, In the case of gay conversion therapy, No individual should be forced to change their inherent beliefs for the preference of others. It is also an issue, As their are biological factors that do effect things such as sexuality. And even if we do go along the lines of "being gay is a choice", It is that one person's own personal choice to be that way. There is no doubt that some people may choose same sex relations over their biological preference, But that is still their right. No person should ever be forced to be straight as no person should ever be forced to be gay.

    As for the case of malignant mental illness, It's basic rights. In some cases of psychosis, So long as the person is not a inherent threat to themselves or to the people around them, They can't be detained. If you believe that a pain pill you swallowed as a kid let's the government track you, So long as you aren't trying to force a doctor a gunpoint to remove it from you or as long as your don't try to do it yourself with a kitchen knife, You won't be detained for it. You may be advised and every state has different policy, But legally it should be that persons choice over their mental health. For better or worse.

  • The argument from choice is ineffective in cases of extreme harm or cases in which consent is absent.

    Many of the arguments supporting the existence of conversion therapy claim the right of gay people to choose to undergo conversion therapy. However, A large number of participants in conversion therapy are minors who are enrolled in the programs by their intolerant parents. These minors did not choose to undergo the process, And the process often induces the negative effects described in other people's arguments. As such, The programs are both non-consensual and psychologically harmful.

    If a program existed where children were forced to undergo "straight conversion therapy" designed to make them gay, None of the opposition would support it - and they would probably firebomb the locations. This reveals the rather obvious fact that far from being concerned about the rights of gay people, The opposition is only concerned with the end goal - conversion.

  • There's nothing wrong with gay people

    Mind your business. Gay people are doing no harm to society and should be treated with respect and dignity. There is a common misconception that gay people become suicidal and depressed because they believe that they are wrong. In reality, They are afraid of how they will be treated by others because of their sexuality. Conversion therapy is ignorant and oppressive and has no place in our society.

  • It's absolutely necessary.

    As a bisexual person, And also a member of a church in which homosexuality is strictly against the rules, I can promise you that trying to fix yourself or "make yourself normal" does not work. A person's sexuality is a part of them; you can't "change" it without literally screwing up their mental health. This is something I'm finally learning after years of hiding from myself.

    I'm seeing arguments saying that because we have freedoms in this country, People should be free to choose whether or not to engage in this type of therapy. These people should keep in mind that in this country, Abuse is illegal. Why? It causes harm, Often emotional and mental, To the abused. It creates scars that can follow them throughout their life. It's the same with conversion therapy. We as a country have accepted that no matter what your views on parenting are, Physical and emotional abuse are wrong. Now we need to accept that no matter our views on homosexuality, Conversion therapy is wrong.

    I would also like to note that conversion therapy is proven not to work; it causes severe mental health issues that follow participants through their lives, But don't actually do much in terms of getting the desired results.

    Https://www. Hrc. Org/resources/the-lies-and-dangers-of-reparative-therapy
    http://www. Nclrights. Org/bornperfect-the-facts-about-conversion-therapy/

    The second source contains links to firsthand accounts of the trauma induced by this therapy and studies that prove the ineffectual and harmful nature of it.

  • Eventually people begin to realize what they really want and sometimes need help.

    Not all gays want to be gays. A lot of "homosexuals" are simply confused and are taught to believe that they belong in this LGTBQ community, When in reality they are just confused. Why should we take this chance away from them to discover how they truly feel, Even if that means that they are not gay which in most cases is the case.

  • So rehab and mental wards should not exist.

    People die in rehabs and in psych wards and in day cares.
    That is because the staff is negligent and does malpractice.

    Some gay conversion places are bad. They abuse patients and they do malpractice. They promise 100% success and are frauds, But that does not speak for all gay conversion places.

    Some gay people do not want to be gay and they seek religious help. Personally I do not know what happens but you should report the dangerous ones.

  • Why should it illegal?

    If they want to become normal they should. If they feel suicidal, My guess is that it would be more because they are abnormal rather than they feel that they are being forced to change. If they want to become normal they should be allowed to. It would likely help their mental health. If anyone has solid evidence as to otherwise I would be happy to listen. I don't want to downplay the gravity of feeling suicidal. If they are suicidal, That is serious. However, If you're suicidal because you're unhappy with the way you are, You should change yourself.

  • Why should we interrupt people choices?

    It is maybe make people suicidal, Depressed and drug addicted but the countries that afford it, Their citizens know the risk, But they still wanna do it, So who are we that interrupt their choice, Democracy means, Free choices so if they wanna do it, They can do it

  • I see no reason as to why

    I see no problem with gay conversion therapy. Yes, You did state that it makes people more suicidal, Depressed, Or drug-addicted, But if you don't mind I'd like to see some sources and there are methods of treatment such as therapy for it. I don't see it crossing any lines, Moral, Ethical, Or legal

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