• Yes, they should be able to get married!

    If two people like each other and want to spend every moment of the rest of the lives making each other happy (or miserable) they have all the rights to do so. This should not even be a question.
    Sexual orientation is just one part of a persons life (it might be a huge aspect of someone's life, but it is not the entire life itself). Does a person's skill level or intelligence level get affected if they are homosexual? No. Does it affect anyone else's life at a personal level? No. Does it affect my life? No.
    Why would anyone be concerned if a guy wants to get hitched with another guy?
    As long the two people involved are in love everything is fine

  • It doesn't affect anyone else.

    I am not gay, but I do not see any way that two men or two women getting married could possibly affect me in any way. It makes me mad that people think they have the right to tell two people that they aren't allowed to get married. The only people who should have control over that decision are the two people getting married! Homophobic people need to stay out of other people's business!

  • I believe that sexual orientation is completely irrelevant in today's world.

    Sexual orientation is so unimportant. We live in a world where we have much bigger issues to deal with - corruption, crime, poverty, etc! We need to use our time and resources wisely for the well-being of our nation, our children, and for the generations to come. Think about advancing the world in terms of science research, for instance. This gay marriage topic is such old hat in 2013! Let's move on!

  • Yes, they're people

    You can quote cherry picked Bible segments all you want, but sorry, this is an equal rights thing. If you want civil unions to "be the same," give them the same legal and medical rights a marriage has. They currently don't. I'm not gay, but I accept that gays are also human beings and I don't believe in denying them things because they love somebody that I wouldn't.

  • Of course gay couples should be able to get married!

    The idea that people think they have the right to debate about other people's basic human rights is revolting. Any consenting adults should be permitted to get married if they wish. The government needs to get out of our bedrooms and get busy fixing the real problems facing this country!

  • No, because it undermines that sanctity of marriage.

    Gay couples have open marriages. They treat sex like chimpanzees do--not like humans should. Remember that AIDS came from the gay community, not the straight community. Giving gays the right to marry implies society's approval on their risky sexual behavior which has created disease in society. Gays have the right to butt insert each other but society should demonstrate their ethical stance by banning gays to marry.

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