• What does this even mean?

    I'm taking it as "happy" (judging on the person in the picture smiling). In this way, I support happiness, Since happy people are basically just better that way. Being unhappy is usually viewed as bad and being happy is usually viewed as good. So, If this "gay gay gay gay" stuff means happy, Than I support this.

  • "Gay"? You mean "Sodomite"?

    "Gay" means "happy", Not "mental case". Anyway, These people need to be institutionalized. . . Prisons and psychiatric hospitals exist for a reason. Homosexers try to talk normal people into thinking that sodomy is normal, Then they offer them sodomy which corrupts them. They also do disordered things to each other in public and confuse children.

  • Gay peopole bad

    I know gay people My school very gay. I hate them all. Take my word for it, Gay people bad, All people also bad, But gay p3eople especially bad. In olden days, When people were still wise, Gay was a disease. Now people are stupid, And aoc tells us that the world is ending. Even our god-king turmp is gone. What can we do, But persecute gays in this husk of a world.

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