• Gay marriage should be legalized

    Gay people should be allowed to marry who they want without people arguing with it. How would you like it if someone told you that you couldn't marry your partner? So I believe that letting people not to get married to who they love is unfair and isn't right. People have different personalities and opinions and this topic.

  • It should be called equal marriage.

    Equal marriage should be a civil right. Love knows no boundaries, and who someone loves and chooses to marry should not be a matter of government law. If religions want to continue to ban gay marriage within their domains, that should be allowed but in the eyes of the government we should all be equal.

  • Gay marriage is a civil right.

    The legalization of gay marriage will fall in line, when we look back on history, in the same sentence as racial equality and gender rights. The people that oppose gay marriage are on the wrong side of history and will look just as idiotic as the rampant racists from the 50s.

  • Gay marriage should be legal in all states

    Gay marriage should be legal in all states, it is time and it is their right. Gays are tired of being treated as second citizen. It is not the states right to tell a gay who they should love or not love, equality should be given to all especially in The United States the land of the free

  • Marriage is a Civil Right period

    Gay marriage is a civil right. The government is in no position to impose its own cultural judgement on gay people. Marriage is a privilege afforded to all people, regardless of race or religion. People should be allowed to marry who they want. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be allowed.

  • An American Right

    If you are an American citzen, then you thereby are entitled to the other rights afforded to other American citzens. All Americans should be able to marry anyone they choose. All American citzens pay taxes, vote, and participate in the democracy that is America. Marriage is an American right, just like any other civil right that allows us to "be treated equally under the law."

  • Gay Marriage is a Human Right

    Gay marriage, just like heterosexual marriage, is a human right and should be accepted as such. Gay marriage will help stimulate the economy. The United States Government provides tax breaks to those who marry, which puts money into pockets, then out into communities. By accepting gay marriage as a human and civil right, our society and economy will only strengthen.

  • Yes, it is a civil right.

    In America, we are supposed to be afforded life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Marriage is one of the happiest things that many people do in their lives. It is a violation of a person's rights if they can not spend their lives with the person that they love and makes them happy.

  • Are you going to deny black people the right to marry, as well?

    Many people's only argument is that it's against God. It's also a right to believe what you want and if you're going to deny me the right to marry the one I love because of someone else's religion, then that's against what the United States was founded for, and in my opinion it should be legalized.

  • Gay Marriage should be legal.

    I have many friends and family members who are gay/lesbian. People should be able to marry who they love. If a boy likes boys, that's ok. If a girl likes girls, that's ok too. If it isn't something you have interest in, you should still be supportive of the people who are interested in their own sex. The people who said no should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Gay marriage is not a civil right

    You can't change the color of your skin. Race issues are civil rights issues. Gay marriage and homosexuality are NOT civil rights issues. Homosexuality is a behavioral and moral issue. You can't change the shade of your skin, but you can change your behavior and your morals. Gay marriage is not a civil right.

  • You can't be born gay, don't be ignorant.

    Being born gay has not at all been proven. Those that believe so fail to pinpoint which gene determines if you're gay, which the gene codes for who we are. Homosexuality is a choice, therefore not a civil right. As a non-Caucasian, LGBT groups comparing themselves to civil rights is somewhat offensive.

  • No it isn't

    People can change what they like. Legalizing marriage will only increase the number of gays. This is bad for the economy as it will be less productive. They cannot provide a next generation to keep progress going forward (and support social security, medicare for those liberals). Gays also can't raise kids to have good moral values. It is better for society by denying gay marriage

  • Marriage Isn't Even A Civil Right

    It's wrong to claim whatever you feel like is some sort of civil right. Marriage itself isn't even a civil right - let's start with that.

    As for gay marriage, the next question is: Is polygamy a civil right? What about pedophilia? Or how about marrying a tree or a goldfish or anything else? Where does it end?

  • Define "civil rights".

    By what definition you mean civil rights? What is civil rights really? The rights given to a citizen pertaining to social, political and even religious freedom. If any one should know, gay people have already civil rights, they can marry not a man but a woman of course and they have the same rights as any one else. But this issue is not civil rights, this is about redefining morality- on what grounds do we think that homosexuality is "normal"? If homosexuality is to be define as "normal"- should we also "normalise" pedophilia, rape, murder, infanticide and duels as well? Morality is the key issue, not civility. I am so frustrated of LGBTs equating gay rights to "civil rights"- this is self-serving and a tactic known as bait-and-switch fallacy.

  • This isn't an issue of "Civil Rights"

    Nowhere in our constitution, bill of rights, or 27 amendments does it ever say that marriage is a "right". Marriage, adoption, etc., aren't rights and should not be treated as such. These are all PRIVILAGES. Privilages can be taken away, rights cannot. This debate is not about "rights", it's about whether they should have the sacred privilege to marry or adopt children. But either way I don't support "gay rights".

  • Marriage is not a right

    Marriage, gay, straight or anything in between, simply is not a right. I could not simply walk up to any girl i wish to marry (and there are alot) and say "hey you! Marry me!" and if they refuse to do so, i can sue them for discrimination. It just simply does not work that way

  • Gay Marriage a Civil Right or Not?

    Gay marriage should be argued whether or not it is a civil right. One must look at the history of mankind and realize that the obvious questions is not whether or not gay marriage is a civil issue, but whether it is even right. Only in the last 40-50 years has the issue sprang up and the valid argument is what will this do to our nation? Will this benefit our nation as a whole or change our course history for the worse.

  • Gay rights are not rights.

    Gay marriage is not a civil right or civil rights issue. Unlike skin color, you choose your sexual orientation. No one is born gay unlike the fact that people are born black. In saying that gay marriage is a civil right then you are also stating that beastality and polygamy all should be legal as well. Marriage is between man and woman. Not man and man. Not woman and woman. Not between multiple men and women, and certainly not between man or woman and animals.

  • Gays have the same rights as you or I in marriage.

    Marriage is one man one woman....Ie opposite gender union. Thats what is has always been. Any gay person can take an opposite gender person to the courthouse and get a marriage...Just like a straight person can. We have the exact same right- nothing has been taken away. One forfeits the benefits of marriage when you reject what marriage is. What the GLT community really wants to do is redefine marriage...

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