Gay marriage: Is gay marriage analogous to interracial marriage?

  • The reactions toward gay marriage and interracial marriage mirror each other

    Practically every argument I've heard against gay marriage from homophobics can compare to the arguments racists no doubt used during times of segregation, for example, It's unholy, citizens against interacial marriage and black rights no doubt used unholiness as an excuse for racism during the 1900s, the blacks are the filthy spawn of satin, Jesus was certainly white, race and homosexuality are not results of being evil, Jesus was white (presumably) yet we don't scorn african americains, Jesus was straight (presumably) but we shouldn't deny gay's their rights.

  • Same love, different time

    There was a time in this country not too long ago that loving couples were not allowed to marry under law and that was because the couple were not of the same race. The same problem is being faced today with couples who are consenting adults who cannot help who they are attracted to. Pushing against gay marriage is discriminatory, period.

  • Very Much The Same

    I had never thought to compare these two, but yes, you can easily compare gay marriage and interracial marriage. Many years ago it was unheard of for white and blacks to marry or procreate. We've come a long way in terms of interracial marriage and it gets better every year, but it's been a long road. With that said, gay marriage isn't legal (in some places still), so I believe homosexuals have had an even bigger fight on their hands, because they have been forced to fight a political battle, where those in interracial marriages were only looked down on by some members of society.

  • Gay Marriage and Interracial Marriage are Analogous

    Yes, in many ways, gay marriage is analogous to interracial marriage. Both are civil and human rights issues that have faced staunch opposition, despite not being wrong. Both are representative of the trials and tribulations of their time periods. Just as the struggle for the right to marry interracially has persevered, the struggle for the right for homosexuals to marry shall do the same.

  • It's the same arguments in a different setting.

    Gay marriage is absolutely analogous to the civil rights struggles that predated interracial marriage in the second half of the 20th Century. In a lot of the cases, the arguments against are the same, right down to their misinformed and irrelevant Biblical roots. Civil rights are for everyone, they're not special rights, and there is no reason they should not be allowed to marry.

  • Of course it is

    Gay marriage and interracial marriage are issues that are exactly the same. The only reason interracial marriage was not approved of was due to racism. The only reason Gay marriage is disapproved of is due to homophobia. Both of these have their roots in bigotry which is completely unjustified. Taking away a persons freedom to choose their partner is bigoted.

  • In many ways it is analogous.

    It is analogous in the sense that society viewed inter racial marriage as something bad or harmful. Many people hold that attitude as well today toward gay people seeking marriage. And just as with interracial marriage, the exclusion of people who want to get together and get married should not have been anyone's business except for the two people involved.

  • In more ways than not, yes.

    LGBT rights are just another civil rights issues, like women's rights and the rights of racial minorities. It used to be considered wrong to have an interracial marriage- like now it is considered by many people wrong to have a same-sex marriage. "Unnatural". In time, it'll be legal in all states, and it will be a virtual non-issue, like interracial marriage today. The analogy is that it's wrong to refuse to people who are of age and mutually consent the right to marry, whether it be people of different racial backgrounds or people of the same sex.

  • In the future, it will seem obvious

    Of course race and sexuality are not the same thing. However, I believe there are similarities in the way people discriminate, hate minority groups and want to control marriage, love and relationships. Although the actual marriage has almost no similarity, the reaction of other people and the law is identical. Now it appears that interracial marriage is legal and allowed, so hopefully gay marriage will become accepted in the future. Gay relationships will just be another example of discriminatory the world used to be.

  • Race and sexual orientation are not the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People can easily tell someone's race just by looking at them. Sexuality is an INTERIOR thing! It can't been seen. Society needs to stop comparing two SEPARATE things! Put a person of color next to a gay couple.... Same? NO!!!! STOP BEING SO IGNORANT!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT THE SAME F---NG THING!!!!!!!!

  • No they are separate

    Gay marriage and inter racial marriage are two very different subjects. I think in the end of the day they should be handled the same way because neither one hurts anyone and is simply two people trying to live their lives. People against gay marriage vs people against racial marriage though are very different.

  • Homosexuals Aren't a Race

    Gay marriage isn't interracial marriage because gays aren't an ethnic race of people based on genetics. Hitler made the same false assertion that Jews were a race and could be eliminated simply by destroying a genetic line. Gays can't be lumped into one racial category based upon common DNA, which is why being gay can't be solved by biology. Gay marriage isn't an interracial marriage at all, it's a choice made out of love.

  • No, Gay marriage is not analogous to interracial marriage

    I do not believe that gay marriage is analogous to interracial marriage at all. The main reason is that Gay marriage is something that was illegal in many areas until recently. Interracial marriage has been acceptable to people for quite a long time. Both of them may have some similarities, but I believe that gay marriage is a much more controversial thing in society today.

  • No, Interracial Marriage was Arbitrary; Gay Marriage is Different than Heterosexual Marriage

    No, they are no analogous. The ban on interracial marriage was based on arbitrary factors. But the differences between genders is something that people can easily distinguish. Males and females can have children; homosexual couples cannot. That is not to say that homosexual marriage or couples should be allows or disallowed, but as they relate to interracial marriage, no, they are not the same thing.

  • I'm sorry to say it is not

    Gay marriage is not similar or analogous to interracial marriage. This being because in an interracial heterosexual marriage, the couple can still procreate and have fertile children that are both their own. But homosexual couples are not capable of having their own children and will need help from a third party. Just to get this across, i am NOT a homophobic and i am NOT a bigot. I do NOT hate gays. I would be friends with a gay person.

  • Being Black Is Not A Choice

    Being gay may not be a choice either, but you can choose whether or not to live a gay lifestyle.

    Some very well adjusted homosexuals are happily married:

    The solution is not to normalise homosexuality. The solution is to educated homosexuals on how to live with their condition. Yes that can include living a gay lifestyle. But it doesn't have to. But why pretend something is normal when it's not? Homosexuals will always battle with the fact that the only way they can have sexual intercourse is with someone else's digestive system. Pretending it's normal is not going to help them. Celebrating homosexuality through marriage is mind boggling. The world has officially gone mad.

  • There is only one race: the human race

    Race is a human invention, not biological reality otherwise blacks and whites would not be able to procreate. Homosexuality may be biological, but it is impossible for two persons of the same sex to procreate. Marriage is ordained of god as being between a man and a woman to produce children and advance the human race. Homosexuality does not advance the human race.

  • No it is misleading

    The race analogy has been used by people such as Don Lemon who said "I was born gay just as I born Black." However, this comparison results in a false analogy because race and sexuality are very different issues. Race is based largely on family ties while sexuality is largely based on thought patterns and behavior. I find it amazing that so many fail to see this. Furthermore, they each have a different cause and effect on society. A better analogy would be taste in food.

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Sukhmeet says2014-01-03T01:13:55.487
I would vote on yes, but the problem is I do not know how to defend the situation at hand in 50 words