• Of course it is

    People can not help who they love. Let them live and be who they are. It is not your life, its there life, which means they get to date who they want without homophobic people bashing them all the time. Allowing gays to marry gives them rights and freedom. We are all humans, we all deserve respect and the right to marry, gay or not.

  • Yes it is.

    Gay marriage is good for society because than the people who want to get married are now able to and no longer have to protest it and worry about, all they have to do is go and get married. Once it is allowed people will move on to something else to complain about and leave people alone who just want to get married.

  • A persons rights

    Gay marriages actually make a beautiful, brighter society. Seeing people love each other. No matter how many narrow minded idiots are out there. And seeing a child with parents who love each other. Surveys have proven that most domestic abusive are between a man and woman. Imagine the impact on a child. I'd rather a child grew up in a happy home with parents who love each other even if it's two women or two men, not to a mother or father who beat, yell and scream at each other or at the child.

  • Gay Marriage Good for Society

    Yes, gay marriage is good for society. Any display of love and affection is positive for the world around us. Enabling homosexual individuals to express their love, affection, and commitment openly can only be a positive thing over all as, again, such displays of love and affection are positive. I suppose that is a bit circular, but I think it gets my point across.

  • Its not fair to take away anyone's basic rights

    While I don't agree with gay marriage on a personal level I do believe its a slippery slope when you start limiting the basic rights of other human beings. A gay couple being married couple does not harm anyone else and I see no reason why it would be bad for society.

  • Yes it is!

    Homophobic people are actually closet dwellers! Since when YOU choose to be STRAIGHT?! If we "all" honestly were "straight", we would've been HETEROsapiens, not HOMOsapiens! I guess LGBT people are more human than you might think! Honestly, I just don't get why people hate people. Can we just love each other?!

  • What makes society?

    Society is made by our future generation. Those who support same-sex marriage say that there is no difference between a family raised by a heterosexual couple and a family raised by a homosexual couple. How can you say that, When we are having problems with fatherless homes and motherless homes.

  • It's Complete contradiction...

    One thing I can't stand is that annoying commercial with that giant x-ray machine that states "love is love" I for one think that if people support gay marriage because "love is love"then they should be completely supportive of incest marriages but from what I've read that's "morally wrong and disgusting" the very same thing that people thought of gay marriage not to long ago. I'm willing to bet in maby 30 years or so people will begin debating whether incestous relationship is really all that bad. It's for this entire reason that I can't support Gay marriage

  • Nope sorry gays

    Honestly gays are just stupid and i dont like them. So basically they're not good for society only straight people its like gays are jus boring in life so booooo booooooo boooooooo booooooo not gonna happen stipid gay people boooooo booooo suck it gays booooo boooooo boooooo im done piece

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