Gay marriage: Is tradition reason enough to ban gay marriage?

  • Long-Term Gay Relationships Are Not Marriage

    Marriage is specifically defined as a legal relationship between a man and a woman. Gay and lesbian relationships involve two men or two women. These may be committed, loving, long-term relationships, but they are not marriages. Legally redefining marriage, a construct that has been clear as long as society and gay relationships have existed, is foolish.

  • No, many traditions are broken.

    Not too many years ago, it was a tradition to bar white people from marrying black people, yet we realized how horrible that was and now interracial dating and marriage is an accepted custom. That is how we should be with gay people, and it is fast becoming the new norm.

  • Traditions change with the times

    If we kept traditions of a few centuries ago, we'd still be keeping slaves, women would still be uneducated and submissive, and we'd have no laws that govern the country, and we'd most likely be savagely raiding each other for resources and mates. Tradition is not enough to prevent morals from changing in a society.

  • No, definitely not.

    Those who are supportive of the banning of gay-marriage claim that it is due to consistencies with tradition and what-not, and are definitely supportive of the institution of marriage, which many conservatives fell is being denied. This institution of marriage states that marriage is necessary to provide stable homes and environments for children and also for tax purposes. If this contention was to be upheld, then it would only seem fitting that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married to uphold the "marriage institution." Tradition cannot have a double edge.

  • No they are people too

    They have every right to live happy with children I their life even if they are not their own. People might think they are dirty and a disgrace. But what about the people that are rapping an harming men and women. WHO CARES IF THEY DON'T LIKE THE OPPSIE SEX ATLEAST THEY ARE LIVING A HAPPY FULL LIFE.

  • Traditions are guidelines to create social order, but they can be changed if they no longer reflect the dominant views of society.

    Tradition is not reason enough to ban same sex marriage. Traditions are there so there can be a guide to social order, but if the views of society change with time (as it has obviously done in regards to this issue), then tradition can be changed. If we were to base modern society then we were still be dominated by monarchs, dictators with military might and living in the dark ages.

  • No it is a bad reason

    Tradition is a bad reason to ban gay marriage. If we went by tradition nothing would ever change in this world. They are not harming anyone by wanting to get married and just looking for rights. I see no reason to ban what they want. It is not worth the fight.

  • Traditions should change

    There have been barbaric traditions throughout human history, that doesn't mean we're sacrificing goats and babies or killing each other in duels. Our tolerance for alternative lifestyles have shifted, and the only difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is attraction and love for different types of people. They're no different from the rest of us, and tradition is no excuse.

  • Traditions change over time

    No, tradition is not a reason to ban gay marriage. Traditions change over generations. The traditions of our great grandparents are somewhat obsolete today and this is due to technology and the general passing of the time. We make our own traditions as we live our lives. Tradition is not a solid reason because everyone traditions are not the same and they never will be.

  • Let them be

    I have never had a major issue with gay marriage. While I am a heterosexual person myself, I feel that a person has the right to love whomever they chose to love, whether it is the same or opposite gender. This is kind of a touchy subject for some people.

  • The traditions of marriage have changed throughout history

    Tradition in marriage has done a lot of changing in many different cultures of the world. In some polygamy is an honored traditional practice, but in the United States it is shunned. One-hundred years ago, the average age of marriage was in the early teens, but it is not accepted tradition today. There's no reason for the traditions of marriage to not change in the future as well.

  • Tradition is meaningful because of what it represents, not that it represents something.

    Not every tradition is a good one. I could make the argument that child sacrifice is a tradition and therefore it should be continued. Believing that something is justified after a certain amount of repetition is misunderstanding the idea of ethics. In addition, the idea of marriage being limmited to a man or woman was never a fundamental part of marriage. It is an imaginary limmiting factor that has been created out of perception. It's the same as believing that black people can't be president because presidents are traditionally precieved as being white. Just because the idea of marriage being limmited to heterosexuals might be a more comfortable idea doesn't make it the right one.

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