Gay marriage should be allowed in all everywhere.

  • Wtf looking at the arguments for no is reason enough to vote yes

    Everyone saying god hates gays and he created men and women to be together is mentally disabled. By the way god isn’t real so it doesn’t matter, But love isn’t about sex so who the hell cares if their “parts don’t match. ” Gay marriage should already be legal everywhere also.

  • The LGBT+ community isn't here to hurt you or anyone else. You're either just uninformed or hateful.

    You people make me sick, Claiming that LGBT individuals "spread AIDS" or that the population would cease to exist. Love and marriage isn't just about procreating, In fact, Many straight/married couples cannot or choose to not have children. It's not just about sex either. Religious beliefs do not and can not dictate how entire communities operate since this is a secular world we live in. It'd be impossible to live by any one religious text solely because of how diverse the world is, Not only that, But there are also people who do not practice any religion. So long as there is communication, Respect, And love, LGBT relationships and marriage can thrive and prosper, Just as their cishetero counterparts can.

  • Heck yeah bro

    Love is love, No matter what. We're becoming more accepting, But it's not enough; and it breaks my heart all the time to hear stories about people being hated on because they loved someone. Love should and will always be stronger than hate. We can do this. Love you all random strangers!

  • Its not fair

    Why should gay men not be allowed to express their love for each other. So what if two guys love each other? Love is love and marriage is a way to express that. There is nothing wrong with them. Let men love men. Let them be themselves. Its not fair.

  • For the simple fact that it isn't anyone's business

    I am sorry if they Gays hurt you Karen or if you feel threatened by us but leave me the hell alone and just focus on your own life I don't understand why people feel the need to dictate other's life. We are so overpopulated I don't understand why you think men and women should be together just to pro-create. There is a huge amount of children in the foster care system who needs families, Yet you are suggesting that men and women should get married for the sole purpose of procreation? What about marriage for love? If you can't understand how someone loves the same sex then that's fine, Congrats you're heterosexual but let people live their lives. God would be so disappointed in homophobic people when They literally said: "love one another and you would love yourself". And that is clearly not what is happening. There is nothing in the Bible against homosexuals, Just misinterpreted quotes. Do some research, Stop dictating people's lives, And stop using religion as an excuse for your intolerance, It makes us Catholics look bad.

  • As A Transgender, Bisexual, Libertarian I Say Of Course!

    I believe that everyone has the freedom to marry who they want to marry. Men and men, Women and women, And men and women in my opinion all should have the right to marry each other. I hope that one day same-sex marriage will be legalized all around the globe.

  • Being gay/lesbian is not "wrong" :(

    Look, I get it. Lots of people say you should marry the opposite gender. It's, "The way its supposed to be. " Well, News flash, IT'S NOT. It is said no where that you may not wed someone of your own gender. (Please correct me if this is in the bible, I haven't read all of it) Now, The bible may say you are born the gender you are and it cannot be changed in any way, But says nothing about who you wed. Love is love. You can't make decisions for anyone else's life. Think of it this way: You're gay and love the person you're with. They love you too. Are you going to let anyone stop you from being with the person you want to spend their life with? No, Because that's who you love and would sacrifice your own life to make sure they stay safe. If it is illegal to be gay/lesbian, Are you going to make the gay/lesbian person be lonely for the rest of their life if they can't be with who they know will make them happy? What if that person has nobody left in there family to be with? I know it's a weird and sort of unlikely example, But come on. Unless it's in the bible (Again, Correct me if I'm wrong) you CAN NOT prove it's wrong. To be fair, We can't exactly prove that it's not wrong. Who even said you can't be gay/lesbian? Some random guy? Seriously, People, I get it, We all have our own opinions. But honestly, It should be allowed if it makes them happy.

  • Why should it not be allowed

    Tell me why the duck should gay marriage not be allowed in all everywhere what is bad about experience your love ok and yes I think that we should have to allow gay marriage to be allowed in all you people are disgusting if you say gay marriage should be banned

  • Yeah they should

    Yes I think that we should have to allow gay marriage everywhere in all everywhere ok and we should have to allow gay marriage to be allowed inappropriate ally even ok andn is the morning and of course y’all we should have a good time and we should have to

  • Gays Gay Gay marriage should be allowed in all everywhere

    Yes I think that we should have a to allow gay gays and of course gay marriage to be allowed in all everywhere ok and yes they should have to let And of course Allow gay gays and of course gay marriage to be allowed in all everywhere ok and

  • Your Literally Violating the Laws of Nature

    I think you've got your answer as soon as you take into account the literal way life works. Men go with women. Women go with men. We know that because the human race would cease to exist unless that was the case. People will talk about how "love is just love, " but that clearly isn't the case if your talking about the same sex considering your "parts" aren't compatible. (I should probably mention: This is NOT a message against gay people. I may not agree with their decisions, But I do not disrespect them as people).

  • Just looking at a woman and man. . .

    If you look at a woman and a man it is easy to see that they were made for each other. Men and men just don't work nor women and women. (I'm not saying I'm against the person I'm saying I'm agains the idea) I recommend instead of just reading a random text from a random person to go and look why people are against gay instead of just assuming it's ok. I hope you guys have a great day :)

  • Gay marriage is wrong.

    It is against the bible. God created man and women to love each other. He did not make man to love man or women to love women. Its not right. The bible is against it, And nature is against it. Eve was created from Adam because Adam(the first man) needed a wife, Eve(the first woman. )

  • I hate gay marriage

    I think that we should have to only allow straight marriage everywhere ok and no I think that we should have to just keep the straight straights and of course y’all straight marriage should only be allowed in all everywhere ok and no I think that we should have to keep the straight straights and straight marriage only be allowed in all everywhere

  • That's breaking God's laws

    In the bible, God stated that in order for us to be recreated, Men and women must unite as one. I mean CMON, Seeing a person marrying another one in the same gender on a normal day? That isn't normal, Being gay isn't normal. I'm not against the LGBT community but dude, Having churches that let you marry someone of the same gender, No Bueno. In my opinion, Being gay is being selfish, Again not going against the LGBT community, It's just my opinion. And I wrote this anonymously because I don't want drama to be on my plate. I'm just stating my opinion, And I know that someone in the LGBT community will try to make my life miserable. But again this is my opinion

  • This is breaking God's laws

    Sure being gay or something else is like being free, But that's breaking God's laws. God said that only we can be recreated when men and women unite as one. Dude, Like hell gay marriage is ever going to be a thing, Even though it probably is already. Sigh why

  • Now this is some gay ass shit

    Gay marriage shouldn't even be a thing, If those "special" people won't cease to do their shit, Humanity will just fall. The newer generations seeing gay marriage everywhere will just create a new trend, Therefore they will join those degenerative primates. Human race will go extinct, As depopulation would increase

  • Being gay sucks

    I'm gay and i hate being gay one time i was in highschool and i need to take a shit really bad but the closest bathroom was the most used and had no walls for the stalls and i take massive shits and that makes me cum sometimes and one time i had to go shit and another kid was next to me and i sat down shit-n-cumed and moaned (i moan when i cum im gay don't ask) and he told the whole school (haha real funny i know my highschool was in fort gay)

  • Absolutely not okay

    I think that we should have to not allow gay marriage everywhere I think that it is just cooler to keep the straight straights and of course y’all straight marriage only everywhere ok and no I think that we should have to just keep the straight straights and of course straight marriage everywhere

  • Straight Straights and fo course Straight Marriage should Only be allowed Everywhere

    I think that it is more safer to Only allow straight straights and of course straight marriage everywhere ok and no I think that we should have to Only allow straight straights and of course straight marriage everywhere ok ok ok so we should have to Only allow Straight straights and of course straight marriage

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spicadays says2019-11-23T06:42:15.257
All marriage is terrible. Most couples actually end up paying more taxes because low income benefits are lost. Marriage has also created a predatory divorce industry which ruins lives, Especially that of children who are caught in the middle.

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