• Yes it should

    Although i do believe that homosexuality is a sin and personality i think it is wrong people should have the right to choose how they want to live. If they choose to live in sin that is their choice. Who are we to decide what someone can and cant do with their life. Jesus Christ himself gave us the right to choose, so if Jesus is letting us choose why would we take the choice away from someone else.

  • Yes, for sure.

    Believing that homosexuals are a menace to society is retreating to the same outdated, prejudiced and fearful mindset that convicted witches hundreds of years ago. Relying on the basis that homosexuality is a sin also fundamentally undermines the constitution of the United States, giving preference to a certain religious view. All you Bible belters need to shut the hell up and realize that we don't live in the Middle Ages anymore, and gays, Jews, blacks, mexicans, Chinese and all others are humans just like the rest of us and they deserve human rights. Now, get off the internet before I turn it off.

  • Yes, gay marriage should be legalized everywhere.

    Thinking that gay people aren't allowed to do something that makes them happy makes me sick. Love is love; whether or not straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, anything. I believe that this "anti-gay" thing can be overcome, just as racial equality did. What is that different about gay people marrying anyway? Does it really matter that people should choose someone's genitals over their soul just to get married? A standard marriage—a husband and a wife—is something to look at. Gay married should be legalized. Nothing is wrong with gay people, they are just like you, straight or not.

  • Yes it should

    Gay marriage, I believe, is going to go down the same path as racial equality did. People are going to slowly come to accept it and we are going to look back at the issue in textbooks and think how silly it was that it was actually illegal in the first place. We are a progressive species and not only should gay marriage be legal everywhere, but it needs to be.

  • Yes, for sure.

    Believing that homosexuals are a menace to society is falling prey to the same prejudiced, misguided, and barbaric view point that influenced witch trials a few hundred years ago or perhaps the extermination and exile of Jews throughout all of human history. I would honestly think that mankind has progressed a little since then, but time and time again I am proven wrong. All you Bible belters need to realize that just because something is stated in the Bible as a sin does not mean it actually is wrong in real life. If you believe in the Bible and it gives you "strength" then go ahead, live by it, but if you want to live in the world, then you need to realize that not everyone will share your racist, outdated views on society. Homosexuals, blacks, Jews, Muslims and all people are entitled to the same human rights as all others, meaning that gays have the right to marry. The fact that I even have to explain this to you is making me lose the will to live, so just get off the internet before I turn it off.

  • Prepare for A Rant...

    Ok so gays, lesbians,etc should be able to marry whomever they wish. If you do not like that then that is your problem. They are doing no harm to anyone so you should just leave them alone. Now onto the religious side of this...The bible is basically a hypocritical piece of work it tells us that those who are gay are sinners and we should frow upon them yet it wants us to love everyone and except that everyone is different. Religion and relationships being combined to me is kind of stupid because everyone makes a big deal about God hating on gays. First off has anyone ever seen god in there life? Well obviously not we all consider him to be an almighty being that rules the world basically. We don't even know if hes a man or woman and because babies are born from a man and a woman God is obviously both. This makes God "bi". God also created the first two humans and since they commited a sin reproduction was to be considereda sin in the first place. We were all to be gays and lesbians but somehow that became all twisted up. So you can go on about how God hates gays yet it was the one to create all good and evil because it created everything. Plus religion is a man made thing that psycho people with mental issues probably got everyone to believe in. Gays not being able to reproduce is actually a good thing we aldready have billions living on this planet and the gays could give the adopted kids a nice home and Im fine with that. And so yeah thats about it on my thoughts about this...

  • Gay rights are human rights.

    I think the religious people feel that because they don't understand and it goes against their "religion" that they should hate, discriminate, and bully. I also think it shouldn't have been illegal to begin with. What gives people who are straight and unaffected the power to decide? Gay rights are human rights.

  • Gay marriage is not a threat to society.

    I'll just leave this here...
    "Gay couples do not produce children." Well, by that logic clearly we should not let sterile people, elderly people, people who do not want children or those who cannot carry children marry. Because in this modern day and age, clearly the only point of marriage is repopulating an over-populated planet, correct? Not the tax benefits, or the recognition of being together forever?
    "Marriage is a sin explicitly stated in the Bible." When did we become a theocracy? Please, someone tell me because I seem to have missed something. If gay marriage is illegal because the Bible says so, then it must be against the law to eat shrimp now? Is working or watching football on a Sunday now punishable by death? Are we allowed to sell our children into slavery? Are clothes of two fabrics now illegal? What about planting different crops next to each other? This is important information. What about that fig tree Jesus cursed because it didn't have fruit when it wasn't supposed to have fruit? What ever happened to that? Also, Jesus never states in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. (Actually, if I remember right, there is a passage in the Bible where Jesus is washing his Apostles' feet, and "feet" was a euphemism for "genitals"....)
    "Marriage has been the same for thousands of years." So that's why my aunt and uncle haven't divorced yet, because apparently it's still illegal. Oh my gosh it makes so much sense now! Then my brother's friend must have been had out of wedlock, because his dad is black and his mom is white. Are betrothals still a thing? Am I going to go home and find out my dad has picked a husband for me, and most likely collected a price for it? If marriage hasn't changed in thousands of years I'm certainly old enough. (Perhaps a little too old.) My thirteen-year-old brother must be finding a wife then, who will have to have children when she gets her first period. Because marriage hasn't changed, right? Then I guess it's still okay to stone women who aren't virgins on their wedding day?
    "Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage." Because a show totally doesn't exists where you marry a total stranger for money. That's totally not a thing.

  • No gay marraige

    I have nothing against gays at all. I just have a problem with the marriage part. Not only does it state in the bible that marriage should be between a man and a women but also marriage tax breaks. Gay people cant physically produce children. Yes they can adopt but that process is extremely expensive and not everyone can do it. We are basically paying for someone to have a baby when they cant. Its just not fair. Marriage is just a title. It doesn't change anything about a relationship. No one is stopping anyone from being together. They just aren't allowing you to legalize it which I don't see as the biggest problem. Marriage comes with its downs as well. There's pre ups divorce and much more.

  • No Doubt About It!

    This discussion has been resurrected from history. Hasn't it? We should of been having this discussion centuries ago, not just beggining it now! It is shameful how long this topic has been put to the side and not talked about when the answer is so obvious and clear. Of coarse gay marriage should be legalised globally. Let people live their lives how they want to because in the end it's no skin off your nose if two people of the same gender marry. Live you life how you want because life is short and it is yours. Love is not complicated.

  • It's immoral and a sin

    Homosexuals are detrimental to society and the advancement of the human race. Suppose a homosexual man carried a trait that made him immune to a disease and he decided not to procreate with a woman, that aforementioned man has now just slowed down human evolution. Not to mention that homosexuality is a sin as explicity stated in The Bible

  • Its not about taking away a right to marry.

    I agree people have the right to live how they want to live, but that does not mean the government has to re-define something that has been established for thousands of years.

    We are not removing there choice to be gay, we are maintaining their attempt to call something that is not marriage, marriage.

    Gay couples do not produce families (Except for the exception of Adoption, which is rare and we do not make laws based on rare exceptions) because of this there is no added benefit for society to allow marriage tax breaks to gay couples. These tax breaks are due to the economical benefits families and re-production have in our society, this is not relevant to gay couples.

  • Let States Decide Individually

    Why is this a national issue? If you were to explicitly ban or explicitly legalize gay marriage everywhere you would ultimately end up with a lot of mad and misrepresented individuals (on both ends). Just let each state vote on it individually, hold bi-annual elections to keep your state up to date, and then everyone retains their representation* and doesn't feel like they're having their rights infringed upon to such a large degree. *(At least to a better degree than if there were a national ban or legalization.)

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Dilara says2014-12-05T01:16:11.073
Everywhere in America yes everywhere in the world no. Our business remains within out borders when it comes to marriage laws.
Hanspete says2014-12-05T04:00:28.120
Agree with Dilara mostly.