• Gay marriage will occur in Canada

    Gay marriage will occur in Canada because now, more than ever, the country has taken a sharp turn to the political left - especially with the recent election of Justin Trudeau. As was the case in the United States, it may take some time and occur slowly, but it will happen.

  • Gay marriage will become a reality in Canada very soon.

    Gay marriage has plenty of support in Canada, and I believe that it will be a reality in that country very soon. The country's prime minister is a strong advocate for LGBT rights, and Canada already has liberal social policies. Gay marriage will be a reality in Canada by 2018.

  • Yes, it's been happening for years.

    Canada was the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, in 2005. It was the first country outside of Europe to do so. Even before it became legal nationwide, it was already legal in eight out of the 10 provinces. Since then, thousands of gay couples have gotten married in Canada.

  • Yes. It's been happening since 2005.

    Canada is easily the most progressive country in this hemisphere. Same sex marriage was legalized there in 2005. Plus, gay marriage was already legal in several Canadian provinces because of court decisions in the favor of same sex couples. Trudeau, who later became Prime MInister, said it best: There is no place for the state the bedrooms of the nation.

  • Gods word is law

    The bible says that a man shall not lay with another man. We need to take the word of god as fact and not allow these fags and fag lovers to be in a homosexual relationship. It's already legal in Canada and that is a sin. God will come from the heavens to punish all non believers and fags.

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