Gay men in the Ivory Coast were attacked for showing support to Orlando victims. Should homosexuals be granted special protection?

  • Unfortunately, yes they do.

    In a perfect world, everyone could just get along and love how they want without being attacked, but unfortunately that's not the case. There are so many hate crimes involving homosexual people, and although they shouldn't be treated specially just because they're gay, unfortunately an effort does need to be made to protect them because so many people are homophobic enough to commit these crimes. It's sick and pathetic, and unfortunately we do need to protect them until people stop doing these things.

  • Yes they should be

    Considering the fact that there are so many hate crimes existing in the current society against the homosexual community, it would be right to say that homosexuals be granted special protection. The attack against the Gay men in the Ivory Coast and Orlando shooting - all of them indicate that hatred exists

  • Yes, homosexuals need special protection in certain countries.

    Yes, gay people should be protected because of the problems they face in certain countries. In certain areas of the world, homosexuals are attacked and killed and the government is a part of it and/or they do nothing to prevent it. I don't think gay people need special protection everywhere, but in those nations where it is seen as criminal to be gay, they need special protection. It's criminal that governments let these things happen and do nothing about it.

  • Yes, homosexuality should be granted special protection to the point that it prevents such attacks

    Yes, homosexuality should be granted special protection to the point that it prevents such attacks. The amount of special protection that homosexuality should be granted should be limited to the minimum necessary to prevent such attacks. Everyone in society should be and feel safe. Attacks on homosexuals are unacceptable in modern society.

  • Special Protection Shouldn't be Required

    No, homosexuals should not be granted special protection. More importantly, special protection should not be needed. All human beings should be granted protection from violent attacks. It should not matter whether an individual is homosexual or not. If anyone is left open to attack, shame on those sworn to protect them (shame as well on the attackers.)

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