Gay people are not a sin, bad, disgusting.....

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  • I don't know about sins

    Gay people are gay. Disgusting people are disgusting. Bad people are bad. A gay person can be bad and disgusting. A straight person can also be bad and disgusting. I don't think this can't be meaningful to actual people. "Gay people" in this way aren't actual people. It can be a sin if God said so.


    Gay people are accepted in most religions and also the catholic region but some people thinks that my religion hates them. They are accepted as long as they are not beyond the line. The line I am referring to is when they do sexual intercourse and becomes transgender. J j

  • Not religious, so can't do sin.

    I am not a Christian, Catholic, whatever, so I do not believe it as a sin, as I do not believe in sins. I believe in humanity. I don't believe homosexuality is bad, as it is two people loving each other, and I don't find it disgusting since it is two people loving each other. They're consenting adults, it's viewed in nature, and sex isn't just a means for reproduction. It's also for pleasure. And, if two people, who are consenting adults and either have a preference or set sexual attraction to someone of the same gender, then I don't see it as bad. I don't really care what anyone else does. If it's disgusting, it's just as disgusting as heterosexuality to me.

    We may be made for reproduction, but that doesn't really matter. It's not like a woman is going to aim for children every time she has sex. Men don't either. All sex not done for the "sake" of reproduction is then bad and disgusting under those same guidelines you set. Whether our sexual organs are for a man or for a woman, it doesn't matter, as people can be sexually attracted to other genders and can get turned on by those of the other gender.

    We do many things that go against our nature. We learn to like new things that we didn't originally before.

    Honestly, I just ignore all statements from Christian regarding homosexuality. They'll believe what they want to believe.

    And if you believe it's disgusting, bad, against nature then do you. Don't worry about what they do - humanity isn't just going to die off tomorrow because two consenting adults want to be with each other. We have quite a few baby boomers that are straight. Just worry about you.

  • People cannot be a sin, that grammatically does not work. I'm disgusted by how many say "No"

    I was under the impression that we'd finally advanced enough to get over this sort of thing- apparently in this I was mistaken. Christianity should get over it- they take the bible literally..... When they feel like it. Note the numerous different rules we break in the bible, even for the most devout Christians- For instance, wearing clothes which are from multiple sources, eg. Wool and linen. So christianity ought to get over this too. The more I hear about stuff like this, the more I think atheists have the right idea- things along these lines will come back to haunt the church.

    To hbomb117-
    It's against nature? So is clothes, technology, books, and virtually anything else humans are responsible for under the sun.

  • Why target people because of same sex attractions that hurt nobody?

    People find love connections for lots of reasons and in an overpopulated world why does every sexual relationship need to be about having children? The human race can easily survive with fewer people. Dusty old books from eras long past don't need to dictate every aspect of how we live today, do they? If two people feel love and attraction for each other why not celebrate it instead of criticizing it?

  • They're still people,

    Just because they love different genders than most people doesn't make them sins. They are people just like us and we shouldn't treat them as anything other than people. They are not disgusting they are unique individuals who know who they are. I would be proud to know someone like that because they are amazing beings

  • Being part of the LGBTQ+ community does not make you a disgusting human being

    Maybe it goes against your religion or maybe it goes against your beliefs and whatnot, but if so, do not drag your religious beliefs into other people's relationships, if it bothers you, don't do it, it's that simple. Some of my closest friends are gay and it doesn't change anything about them. If your argument is "god thinks being gay is a sin," then you should realise that if it was such a bad sin, god wouldn't tolerate it, and also may I add that it's called the bi-ble not the straight-ble

    Just thought I would put that out there

  • People are born the way they are.

    From a religious point of view, it's a sin. This is according to the Bible, which was written a long time ago when homosexuality wasn't really a thing at all. It was also written by men alone, not Jesus, or God. They could have put in their own opinions for all we know. I'm Christian, but I believe that gay people are just as normal as anyone else. They were just born with a different mindset and it's not like it is something they can control. They are still people and human beings who should be treated with the same amount of respect and dignity as any other.

  • I agree with this

    Gay people are just like everyone else except they love different people.Love shouldn't have to be about gender because if you really love someone, they're gender won't matter.People can love whoever they want whether it be boy girl or A-gender it shouldn't matter.I was very happy when gay rights were passed. You fall in love with the person not the gender.

  • Good grief, grow up...

    And I mean that as a group, as a society, in addition to us as individuals. It's too bad that the prejudices of a relatively very few people, long ago, got passed down through time via stuff (religion, often) that cannot be proven to be anything beyond imaginary.

    Hey, if you like myth, fantasy, unfounded superstition, etc., then knock yourself out, but to generalize about other people on the basis of it is nonsensical.

  • Its very disgusting

    Homosexuality is not just a christian issue, its also going against what how we are made. Our body is actually made to be with a man and a woman. This tells us that our generation has lost the idea of marriage, which is strongly going against our nature. Freedom of expression does not mean we could just act against our nature, it is malevolent towards our lives.

  • Let's see here....

    Open acceptance of homosexuality is responsible for the fall of more than one nation. Several, in fact. I'm not saying that it brought them down by itself, but it was the societal values that led to the acceptance of perverted behavior, which led to the destruction of the traditional family unit, which is the foundation of any and all governments, that led to the demise of those nations. Moral values are absolute. Ignore them at your own peril.

  • Being gay is disgusting and completely unnatural.

    I regard gay people as very sinful, and completely unnatural. This generation is definitely getting more rebellious and really bad; homosexuality is one of the example. If God had wanted men and men or women and women to be together if he would have done just that ,but yet he didn't therefore gay people are going against nature and how God created them. Although, yes there are people who think they people should choose how they choose to live, I still believe gay people should not have that opportunity.

  • Definitely Disgusting and Bad

    Yes, I'm a Christian. But I do not speak negatively about Gay people just because I was taught so. Leave alone God's laws. Its against the laws of Nature. One can have excessive love on anybody, regardless of the gender. But sexual relations can only be between a Male and a Female. I'm surprised how 60% of the people do not find that disgusting, bad or a sin, whatever..

  • Depends on your point of view

    Most religions regard homosexuality to be sinful, wrong, or whatever word you associate yourself with. Homophobia is also very common in most civilizations, even modern day ones, as it is described as being unnatural, disgusting, or whatever word you associate yourself with. So if we did a head count of the opinion of all humanity, throughout all time periods, most would go for "NO" as their option.

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