Gay rights: Should gays have equal rights as other citizens?

  • All human beings are meant to be treated as equals.

    This is regardless of class, gender, race, or sexual orientation. The real question is whether or not the government gives these rights or not. The answer is no, the government does not give rights, it is in place to protect rights that are naturally occurring for all human beings. If the rights of homosexuals are threatened, it is the government's duty to protect those rights. THIS IS NOT TO BE IN THE FORM OF ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS OR FORCED LEGISLATURE. The correct response of the government should be to pass laws that prevent the denial of legal marriage to gays. Religious marriage is a completely different subject, as it is primarily a formality as opposed to a legal agreement. A law would be passed that prevents states from refusing to acknowledge the marriage, for that is where the problem arises, not in a church or a business or a hospital. If a state is forced to acknowledge the union of two people, then the private sector will follow suit to avoid lawsuits. All this by means of a single law.

  • Equal rights for guys!

    I believe that gay rights should not be a problem in america i believe that since we are all human we are all equal. Nobody deserves to be penalized for having a different sexuality. Being gay doesn't harm anybody in specific. I believe that no matter who you are , what you believe , or who you like shouldn't be held against you.

  • Gay individuals should absolutely have the same rights

    I believe that gay individuals should have equal rights in every regard. Sexual preference is not a choice and all people are entitled to equal rights, regardless of their sexual preferences. To say that gay individuals cannot get married, share health benefits or adopt is close-minded and barbaric in nature.

  • Everybody should have equal rights

    While I don't agree or support the gay lifestyle, I see no reason why a gay person should not have exactly the same rights as a straight person. A person living a gay lifestyle is doing no harm to anyone else and there is no reason they should not have equal rights.

  • Of course they should

    This is America. How can we be "The land of the free" if we aren't allowed to love somebody of the same sex. It is horrible that people should be labeled as "Gay" anyway. Labels make up to much of our society. To me, who you call "Gay" i call a human being. Who you call "Different" i call "True to themselves" Sure you can bring the bible into this but if you read Romans, after it says negative things about homosexuals it says that you have no right to condemn others and will have the same punishment as the sinner. So stop targeting somebody because they are "Different" :)

  • This is not an issue of rights

    Nowhere in our constitution, bill of rights, or 27 amendments does it ever say that we have the right to marriage, or the right to adopt children. That is a privilege that was meant, by our founding fathers, for "straight" people. The founding father never included rights for "gay" people because it was a absurd idea. But even now, this is not an issue of rights. This is an issue of receiving the same PRIVILEGES as the rest of America. And either way, I don't support "gay equality".

  • Homosexuals should not have "special" rights

    If we're talking about homosexuals with equal U.S. human rights yes that is agreeable. But they should not get special rights specific for homosexuals. Unlike racial minorities homosexuals can hide their minority status and are not judged in public because homosexuals do not have any physical differences from their respective sexual identity.

  • Fags should be killed

    Leviticus 22:18. Gays are reprehensible and should be stoned to death, crucified, or tied up and burned in pits. God doesn't want gays in this world and didn't create any. Satan created all gays and they should be destroyed as the spawn of Hell that they are. God said it, I believe it, that settles it.

  • Too broad a statement

    If you're going to talk about basic human rights, then yes. Yes, gay people should have things like access to jobs, health care, education, etc., because regardless of your opinion of them (personally I think it's a sin), to deny them these things would be to treat them as less human, and without compassion, and I think that's wrong.

    That said, a lot of what people talk about when they talk about this issue are not actual, real rights. Like the "right" to having your relationship state-sanctioned as specifically a marriage vs. Something else, the "right" to have a gay-straight alliance in any school with no recourse for the school if they dont' want it, the "right" to sue people who don't want to support your gay relationship by baking a cake for your gay wedding, the "right" to sue people for saying things about you that you don't like, the "right" to have children, the "right" to teach kids that your relationship & identity are okay- more than okay, acceptable, wonderful and legitimate- in the public school system. Those are NOT rights. And so no, they should not have anything special set up to support them in those areas.

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