Gay teens need to be accept in this world and school.

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  • I'm a gay teen myself

    As a gay teen I've always had the fear of someone finding out I'm gay. I really don't want to get bullied in school for being gay. I even have a teacher who says being gay is wrong. And she's even tried to change me for being gay because of her beliefs.

  • Why We Should Accept and Respect Homosexuality?

    No baby is born a homosexual. Every baby is born male or female.” That’s what I used to believe until recently when I learned about various abnormalities in sex differentiation in my human sexuality class. “Every baby is born male or female” is basically incorrect in a biological sense. In fact, there are well over 70 different types of proven sex-chromosomal problems and many hormonal problems that effectively counter Strauss’s unscientific claim. “Sexual orientation is the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors”, genes play the more important role. Thus, we don't have much choice but to obey what our DNA dictates us to become what we are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Since sexual orientation is not a conscious choice, our society should not ignore but to accept, respect homosexuality, and our law should not discriminate against those people by taking away their freedom, benefits and rights to pursue happiness in a civil union. Homosexuality is not an overnight phenomenon, nor an invention of the 1980s. Homosexuality has been long existent since the rise of humanity. Ancient Greeks are believed to practice pederasty in which an older man and an adolescent boy are engaged in an intimate relationship. Homosexuality is natural since it is not a disease or an mental disorder as in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association confirmed the importance of the new, better designed research and removed homosexuality from the official manual that lists mental and emotional disorders. Also, the small number of people who are homosexuals should not make homosexuality unnatural Homosexuals are not genetically altered with artificial means. They were born like this. Anything that happens naturally in nature is natural, homosexuals are no exceptions. It is true that reproduction is not naturally possible for homosexuals. However, the purpose of life, or what life is all about is definitely not just procreations for all of us. There is so much to life besides procreation. On the very first day of school, we were asked by our teachers about who we want to be and what we want to do after we grow up. I don't remember any of my schoolmates as saying that he or she wanted to be a father or mother, or that they wanted to procreate. If procreation is the sole purpose of life, then how about those couples that can never conceive? How about those people that decided not to have a baby? Are they without the purpose of life? Should they just be equally condemned as we did to homosexual people? Of course not!

  • Make love not war :)

    To start off, I just want to include sone rebuttal from the opposite side of this debate:
    1) it was mentioned that "acid doesnt react with acid or the north pole of the magnet doesnt attract to the north pole of another magnet" etc. Personally the flaw I see in this is that these are THINGS. Does acid have feelings? Can the north pile of the magnett feel love? Of course not, so comparing LGBT individuals to something that can't even feel anything is not a good precedent.
    2) It was mentioned by the opposition that they dont want to socialise with LGBT people, okay thats your choice were not asking you to be BFF with all LGBT people in school, BUT calling someone creepy is not okay, in fact it's called bullying, regardless of sexual orientation. I feel personally, that if someone has endured bullying and managed to get past it and grow stronger because of it, that deserves respect, and that has happened to a lot of LGBT people.

    Okay thats my rebuttle done, I will keep this following bit as short as possible.

    I myself go to a school that is actually very respectful. Students generally accept each other. We have over 30 nationalities, many different religions, LGBT students and everyone else :) I think being part of that changes you. I think we all learn to identify with the struggles different groups of our society go through.

    In my view, you can't choose weather or not someone else deserves respect or not. I agree that it might not be traditional to love someone of the same sex, but the feeling of love is natural, it's universal. I think more people are beginning to see this.

    Is the golden rule not to treat others like you would like to be treated? If you believe in this in any way, I can't see how you would oppose this motion.

    Thank you for reading :) Remember make love not war <3

  • Gay teens should be accepted in this world.

    Look, gay people are not a problem. You like what you like, it is what it is. Most people say how are we going to make babies? Theres sperm doners and odoption. I dont understand why gay and lesbians are treated differently, because we are all human. Just because a person likes the same sex as thereselves why would you change the way which you perceive them? It makes no sense. If your homosexual then your born with it and why should anyone care?

  • Of course they should!

    Everyone deserves to feel comfortable about their sexuality. If they are not accepted, then it can cause not only mental problems, but social problems too. In the long run, they may feel as nobody will want to be their friend since they are "different" from others. Love is all we need, and we should be accepted for our personal opinions. At the end, we're all still human :)

  • Of Course They Should

    I as teen myself I know how stressful a normal day can be. However, when a teen comes out as gay it adds even more to the stress. Why should they be criticized for who they love? What if you were made fun of for being strait, it just does not make sense why they should be treated differently. Also, not accepting gays i unconstitutional. The constitution clearly states,"all men should be created equally." So does liking someone of the same sex suddenly make you not a man? Its ridiculous.

  • I may be against gay rights, but...

    Despite the fact that I oppose the marrying of two gay people I do believe that they should be accepted in the world. We need to respond to their suffering and pain with love not hate. No one should be denied the right to be treated with respect, if we truly believe in God's word then this is what we must do.

  • Gay everybody should be accepted, everywhere

    Nobody should be oppressed due to their sexual orientation. Just like it should be in any other area of life, if a persons actions infringe upon another persons well being then it needs to be addressed. And before any homophobes interject - having your feelings hurt or finding yourself offended by a persons sexual orientation clearly does not infringe upon your well being unless your sense of self importance is incredibly out of proportion. Some men like men, some women like women, and some like both, it's 2014, I find it hard to understand how this is still an issue. So yes, gays should be accepted in every part of the world, regardless of age, gender, location, etc

  • Well, why should gay teens be accepted?

    Well firstly, what gives you the right to not accept them?
    Why should someone's sexuality decide how you treat and view them?
    What part of a person changes if they're not heterosexual?
    Your sexuality is part of you, just like every other physical part of your being, most of the time, you're born with it.
    So, if your best friend came up to you one day and told you they were homosexual, what would change in them?
    They would still be your best friend. The same physicality and personality would remain. Because your friend was attracted to people as the same sex as them, how should that change the way in which you perceive them?
    That was just a little hypothetical situation.
    If you truly believe that being gay, or bisexual, or any other sexual orientation other than heterosexual is wrong, think of a genuine reason as to why it is wrong.
    'They can't make babies.'
    If 2 people of the same sex are in a relationship and want to have a baby, they can either use a surrogate mother or sperm donor, or adopt. Yes, whilst it is true that 2 people of the same sex cannot conceive a baby in the way a man and a woman could, they can still have children. But as long as that child, or children, have 2 loving parents, why should it matter?
    As for 'nature is straight' - as of 1999, 1,500 species have been observed engaging in same-sex activities, including courting, affection, pair bonding, and parenting. As this is a subject I personally feel very strong about, I at least have some evidence to present in my argument.
    So why should gay teens be accepted?
    Well, why shouldn't they?
    They are just human beings like you or I, and as human beings, we are all entitled to feel accepted. Why would you be so small minded in that you would discriminate upon someone just because of their sexuality? Open your eyes and look at the bigger picture.

  • Nature is straight

    Does an acid react with an acid or a base with a base?
    Does a cation pair with a cation?
    Does a negatively charged particle attract a negatively charged particle?
    Does a north pole of a magnet attract a north pole of another?
    I don't think so.
    Gayness is banned in nature itself and it should be banned.
    End of story.

  • How are gonna get babies

    Just think about it no babies equals no family but your husband so I think they should not be gays. I have nothing aganist them but the thought of no babies is just werid and they kiss in public which is even worse. SO no gays unless you really want to.

  • I don't care.

    Welcome to society. No matter who or what you are, some people will find something they do not like about you. This goes double in high school. In high school, it is all about being on top. To be on top, you have to degrade everyone else in some way. Too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, you get the picture. If someone whats to look down on you, they will find something to make fun of.
    Though it may not have been intended so, what some could interpret from this question is that people should accept you because your gay not despite it. You want to be accepted, be someone people respect. If you do that, some others will accept you. If others don't, then ignore them. If your not worthy of respect, don't expect to be respected just because you gay. Personally, I have no interest in making gay friends, for some reason, they give me the creeps. I would not degrade them by any means, I just wouldn't want to hang out with them.

  • Homosexuality is wrong

    I have several reasons why homosexuality is wrong and should not be tolerated:
    1. It is against nature. The complementarity of a man and woman together is what makes them so wonderful; there is a reason two men or two women can't reproduce; because it wasn't supposed to be.
    2. Making gays more accepted is biased against straight people like myself who don't want anything to do with homosexuals. I don't ever want to hear about them. They try to force their lifestyle down everyone's throat.
    3. Accepting homosexuality is a step towards accepting equally condemnable and immoral acts such as incest, bestiality, and polygamy.

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Not everyone will accept people