• Statistics say yes.

    Any way you argue this, there is one fact you can't get around. Most homosexuals have multiple partners, during their lifetime. Many of them have hundreds of them. So. It is a statistical certainty that they are at increased risk of contracting and spreading disease. All you have to do is Google the center for disease control statistics. It is clear that homosexuals are several times more likely to contract aids. Those are the facts.

  • Yes, it has been proven, but it isn't anyone's fault.

    I am going to talk openly about this subject.

    Some people who are gay may not realise (that is spelt right, I'm British) that it does not need to be the 'usual' kind of intercourse that HIV/AIDS spreads through; it can be any exchange of bodily fluids. Things like herpes can be spread purely by touch as well, and pubic lice are spread simply by sharing a bed or towels with someone who is infected.

    Another thing is that being gay and having sex means no need for protection from pregnancy, so obviously there is a much lower use of condoms in the gay and lesbian communities, leading to the perfect breeding ground for STDs. This is only natural.

    This is not helped by the fact that schools do not teach anything about homosexual sex and how to stop STDs being spread through that. When we were taught, we were told that being gay and lesbian is fine- that we should make sure we are all equal. However we are taught nothing about the risk of same sex intercourse, and how infections can be prevented.

    I don't wish to vote yes, I am a strong believer in anti- homophobia and gay marriage, but the facts are all there.

  • They do. Not according to my opinion but according to facts.

    Research this, people. Honestly. Even my gay friends know this. But I think a point has to be made. Some people are calling this question "anti - gay - propaganda." These FACTS are not propaganda; they're real life. Since when is using proven facts being anti - gay? Give me a break.

  • Statistically, yes they do.

    It's not that inherently a person who is gay is more likely to receive/spread STDs, it's just that gay men are more likely than other categories of individuals to engage in risky and unsafe sexual practices including unprotected sex with multiple partners. It is unfortunate and there are probably a multitude of sociological explanations for this, but the fact remains that gay men as a gender/orientation category are more likely than others to get and spread STDs.

  • Statistics do not lie.

    The average number of sexual parters the average gay person has is usually double the number of their heterosexual counter-parts. There is also the reality that gay people are far more likely, in the aggregate, to have anonymous unprotected sex - and those who engage in this practice are likely to do it more than. It is precisely this behavior that caused homosexuals to be so devastating in the homosexual community and why AIDS is making a come back in the homosexual community while it drops elsewhere.


    There are many homosexuals who DO NOT engage in these destructive practices, and they are to be commended. Yet the ones who do should not be avoided for fear of offending the sensibilities of those who ARE not behaving that way. Disagreeing with a man sleeping with a bunch of women and pointing out that he is likely to contract an STD is not disagreeing with men in general - its disagreeing with promiscuity and anonymous unprotected sex.

    Whether the promiscuity is hetero or homo is irrelevant to the realities of high risk sexual behavior. If you engage in it, the chances of getting an STD are MUCH higher. Statistically, that behavior is far more prevalent in the homosexual community right now. That is just the reality of it.

    A gay person not engaged in the high risk behavior is not likely to get an STD. Those that do? Most likely will.

  • Natural consequences realized

    Immoral behavior has negative consequences. That's just a truth of nature and men treating their anus as a vagina is an abomination of nature. Nature did not intend for men to be penetrated sexually in any form. They even seek out disease, I. E. Big chasers another form of totally unnatural behavior.

  • It should be one hundred percent yes

    Gbtq men are basically biological weapons of mass destruction. Anal sex causes tears in the anal cavity and it is just nasty. A vagina is adapted to be penetrated the anus is not. Men will have sex with just about anything with a hole. Get a bunch of young gay men together and a whole lot of sex will be happening. I know it sounds simple but its the truth. Children are being taught by their pc parents and the media that gay sex is natural and safe when it absolutely is not.

  • Mucous membranes tearing

    There are two main reasons why gay men are several times more likely to get stds. The first reason is because having anal intercourse is unnatural, there for the anal cavity is not meant to be forced open and there for the penis tears open mucous membrane every entry and that's how the stds have such a easy access. Secondly is that they sleep with 100's of people in there life.

  • Believe its true

    Of course people who are LGBT and or engage in activities with same sex partner will more likely get std's other than people who are straight because the bodily fluids and organs are exactly similar and the same which doubles the risk and chance of receiving it. Safe sex or not if its the same it adds more on to it. But with different organs still STD s will occur but not as much and not easily. But who knows everyone was told that to visit the doctor every day cause maybe the disease may present its self in your body even if your a virgin and that for many reasons or without a reason at all. Statistics are important and should be taken seriously because numbers never lie. It only gets bigger. Because ask yourself...Is there a number that is the last of all numbers?

  • Statistics are Statistics

    The Proof is in the Pudding. I highly doubt that the statistics were altered or rigged. It obviously makes more sense, alot of gay people will not use protection because there is no risk of pregnancy during sex. Its all in the scientific research. Anybody can get an std straight or not but gays are more likely to get it from lack of protection.

  • Statistics can be easily altered.

    Almost all of us on this site live in a certain society where the system is controlled and affected largely by religion, the same religion that condems each and every gay people, stating that they will go to hell for eternal damnation and pain just because of whom they may like.

    Statistics don't hold any significance, as they are only a bunch of numbers that are published by people that don't remotely have any interest on the topic. Many 'scientific' papers are done, only in order to be corrected 5 months later with the exact opposite idea that is fitting for the people controlling the research.

    Statistics are nothing but a bunch of made up numbers, and unless you have other evidences, your argument on this matter holds zero credibility.

  • No, this is not true.

    Homosexuality in itself does not automatically make one more likely to catch and spread more STD's. This is just another example of anti-gay propaganda. Statistically speaking, in most developing countries, sexually transmitted infections are spread mainly through heterosexual contact, with the exception of HIV. Either way, it proves nothing. Also I should mention that gay women have the lowest percentage of every sexually transmitted infection globally, so this statement is completely false.

  • Not true in the slightest.

    People who are gay are not more likely to catch and spread STD's compared to a straight person. The only real way to catch an STD is through risky behavior and negligence, which is shared by people who are both straight and gay. No orientation is more inclined to receive an STD than another.

  • Homosexuality is not the cause.

    The cause of it spreading is unprotected sex. Homosexuals are taught by society that they will get STDs so they feel no need to use protection, resulting in an increased rate of STDs in homosexuals. If people stopped being homophobes and started looking at the actual causes then the homosexuals might use protection more, resulting in less STDs.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Unsafe Sex causes disease to spread, not sexual preference

    Not all parts of the world show higher rates of disease among homosexuality. In places where homosexuality is a minority (like the U.S.), it isn't surprising that a larger portion fails to have safe sex. In Western Europe, the majority of cases with HIV are heterosexual. While the statistics might be accurate, you have to do actual analysis of it first. The main cause of disease is not getting tested and not taking any precautions; this also affects heterosexual partners that have unprotected sex. We failed to stop a large amount of people from dying during the 80's because of assuming blame against homosexuals. The CDC literally undermines the way its opening statistics on the issue portray the issue once they explain how disease is actually spread. In other words, anyone having sex with anybody can spread disease. It is a matter of better educating people to get tested or to avoid unprotected sex.

    Science doesn't support the argument that gay sex causes disease. It does support the argument that unsafe sex causes it.

  • If you are fuckin or suckin then ur fucked

    This is not no gay thing or a heterosexual thing..I think aslong as anybody got a partner either is a women or men.We all are at risk unless u wrap it up,u have to use a condom either way. If u like to suck either its dick or pussy u are at risk so do urselfs a favor enough with this gay thing fucken low minded ppl

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