Gays in the US military: Does "don't ask don't tell" generally harm (yes) or help (no) military readiness?

  • Yes it does!

    Homophobic people are actually closet dwellers! Since when YOU choose to be STRAIGHT?! If we "all" honestly were "straight", we would've been HETEROsapiens, not HOMOsapiens! I guess LGBT people are more human than you might think! Honestly, I just don't get why people hate people. Can we just love each other?!

  • No, Don't ask Don't Tell Does Not Harm or Help Military Readiness

    No, Don't ask, don't tell has no significant effect on military readiness. The issue might seem like a big deal in the media, but to soldiers living their everyday lives, the policy is probably not the first thing on their minds each day. Dedicated military personnel, of all sexual persuasions, are likely more concerned with learning how to be excellent soldiers and defending the country, than they are with military policies imposed by elite commanders. The military needs to have a clear policy, but it is unlikely that the policy has a significant effect on military readiness.

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