Gays in the US military: Is allowing gays in the military economical?

  • They should die anyway

    Gays are not real people and aren't equal so we should put them on the frontlines and let them die and weaken the enemy at the same time. Killing two birds with one stone is what i like to see it as. Gays are going to hell anyway so why shouldn't we just send them out to die.

  • Put them in the frontlines

    Since gays are always seen as courageous and brave for coming out of the closet they should be the first in line to take gunfire. Put them in the frontlines as human shields or decoy. Gays love being pumped full of objects anyway. Let them have the glory of being our human shields.

  • Gays in the Military Are Economical

    Yes, allowing gays in the United States Military is economical. Gay soldiers are just the same as any other soldier, and having a larger pool of soldiers to choose from makes recruitment easier, thus saving on recruitment costs. Therefore, gays soldiers in the United States military are an economical solution.

  • Live bodies are important no matter sexual orientation

    The military can use all the help in can get. Allowing gays and lesbians in the military is no different than letting a straight person in. If they are worried about instances of sexual misconduct, it goes on between heterosexuals. If your heart is for your country, there is no reason your country should not allow you to serve.

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