Gays in the US military: Is "don't ask don't tell" inconsistent with citizens' rights?

  • There Should be No Stigmas for Being Gay

    There are equal rights for everyone in the United States and there should be no stigma for being gay. No one says you should reveal your racial or ethnic background in a job application, so why should being gay matter in the military? The old DADT policy is not in line with an equal rights policy inherent in the U.S. Constitution.

  • Inconsistent is right.

    Yes it is inconsistent with citizens rights but what people forget is that once you sign up for the military you are no longer a citizen. People in the military do not have the same rights as those that are not and in that regard the military can have what ever system it wants with out an argument.

  • Common sense dictates that ban on gays in Military is necessary

    I realize that gays love their Country and have skills that can be used in the military. The reason however that gays should not be allowed to serve openly in the military, is that it is a unique institution, where there is no room for sexual issues, they only distract from the mission. In the military you have men serving alongside other men, and women with women, in very close quarters , for long periods of time. This is true in boot camp, barracks, bunkers, ships and submarines, among other situations. They are together 24/7, sleeping along side each other and showering together, etc. The potential for problems is very real. At a minimum, it will make the straight troops feel uneasy. For those who suggest this is just homophobia, it is not. Imagine how a women might feel, having to shower alongside a man, or man having to shower in front of a women. This is the same uncomfortableness, a man would feel being forced to shower next to a gay man. I know gays would argue they do not check out their shower mates, but that just does not ring true. Humans are sexual creatures, what straight man would not seek a peek at a women in the shower if he had he chance? Of course he would, and gays if their being honest would admit that. So when a straight solider feels uncomfortable showering alongside a gay, it is a very real fear. Straight troops feeling uneasy, is just the tip of the iceberg. More serious problems are a certainty What happens when two gay guys fall in love, and one is a Private, and the other is his Sergeant? When it comes time to select who goes on a dangerous mission, the Sergeant's objectivity would be suspect. Another issue, what happens when two gays are in love, and then break up, right at the time of an important mission? This type of drama is fine in civilian situations, but in in the Military, this is a distraction. These a just a few reasons why the military in the past has correctly avoided mixing military service with sexual attractions. The elimination of "Don't ask, Don't tell" , is a mistake that sooner or later will be realized, and hopefully reversed. If gays want to serve, they can do so quietly, but any admission or discovery of homosexuality should result in immediate dismissal, no exceptions. The "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, and the total ban that preceded it (my preference), served this Country well, for over 200 years. To the gays who want to serve their Country, you can do so in a civilian capacity. This opinion shared by the many of the rank and file in the military, especially the Marine Corp, is not a knock on gays it is simply a common sense recognition of the incompatibility of homosexuality with military service.

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