• Contrary to many reports enonomy may be better than percieved.

    Yes we are in a national debt and that may not change for a long time but how about the local economies and their progress on things. Just last year many jobs have been opened and have caused an influx on income in local communities. Great thing is that there is hope.

  • Yes, the GDP Report will show that the economy is doing well.

    There are several areas of the economy that have improved this year, which should be revealed in the GDP report. First, the rate of unemployment has fallen to less then 7 percent. Also, new jobs are being created and filled. Second, the GDP is likely to increase as the weather improved after unusually cold winter.

  • I Don't Believe So

    I do not believe the GDP report is a good measure to use for the health of the economy. Nothing really is at this point. The stock market is unrealistically high and some are even speculating that it could crash or that steps may be taken to decrease it's high standing. The economy is not doing well.

  • Economy not the best

    Is the economy doing well? It depends who you ask. On paper, at least the paper they show the public, we are probably doing well. The truth is, the figures can be manipulated and are completely subjective. We may look like we are doing ok from the top but the guy on the bottom is struggling.

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