GE CEO Jeff Immelt says all new employees will learn to code: Will the workforce of the future be required to be more tech savvy?

  • Even Manufacturers Need Engineers

    Manufacturers need more and more engineers as opposed to grunt workers simply because machines need programmers and people who understand the mathematics behind the machines. Laborers across all industries must be more tech savvy since just about every aspect of contemporary civilization relies on machines of some kind to derive a quality of life.

  • Yes, they will. W

    While it is almost certian that future generations will be more tech savvy, it is also important to remember that employees at GE are already required to be highly technologically and scientifically proficient. While it is not neccessarily true that most people will be able to code, the increased presence of technology in our lives neccesitates are ability to know how to use it.

  • Workers must be capable of working with computers

    Computers are a part of every aspect of our lives. All companies must embrace technology to remain competitive in the global market. The workers become more of a burden than benefit to the company if they are not tech savvy. Every job in every sector requires some basic knowledge about computers.

  • Yes, being tech savvy will be necessary.

    Times are changing, and tech is becoming more and more of a necessity. In order to stay with the times, joining in the tech movement will be a necessity. Learning things like coding and other tech-related skills is a necessity to stay competitive in the job market and to secure your position.

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