GE sells its appliance business to Swedish company Electrolux: Should US Companies stay loyal to America?

  • Yes I do!

    We really should stay loyal, because we need the income to stay in America to help out our economy! We have so much debt and a poor economy, everything helps! It's unfair to our country to sell out to other countries, that helps them out, it doesn't help us out.

  • American companies should stay loyal to the U.S.

    American companies should stay loyal to the U.S. Although this loyalty is extremely rare these days. Major corporations are only interested in stock prices and profits at the very top. This change might very well reduce American jobs or restructure them so that the people who were working at any factories in the U.S. could lose them.

  • No. they shouldn't have to stay loyal to America

    We live in America which gives people and companies to right to do what they want with their money and company (to a degree). If the want to sell to a foreign company, then they have the right to do that. If we stayed loyal to America in every respect, we wouldn't have foreign Trade or Chinese Food. Would it have been nice to keep the ownership of the company in the US, yes. But it doesn't mean the jobs will go away. Electrolux may still choose to keep factories and offices in the US especially considering the US is a much bigger country and the customer base is already here.

  • No, GE should not stay loyal to America as it is following the mondialisation trend.

    No, GE does not have to stay loyal to America and following the mondialisation trend is a good reason for the American company to sell its appliance business to the Swedish company Electrolux. Nowadays, business transactions are done without frontiers. A few years ago the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed and this is a sign of our new economy. New business transactions should follow the mondialisation trend and should not have to stay loyal to America.

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