• Men and women are different and have different personalities.

    I’m not saying that one gender is less than the other. (Only saying that because of the Karens out there) I am a male and I have better friendships with women than men. But I’m really just depends on your personality and who you are. My personality just so happens to be more compatible with women then men.

  • An affect is not a determination

    While its true that interpersonal compatibility depends on the two individuals involved rather than simply their biological sex, Its also true that this isn't what the question is asking. Does gender AFFECT how good a friend you are is not the same as asking does gender DETERMINE how good a friend you are: correlation does not equal causation. Having said that, I (Male) personally prefer male friends as they generally expect less, Don't ask others to buy or give them things for free, Aren't drama queens who need constant affirmation, & one can depend on them more-so when moving houses or in a survival situation. Women are generally better as emotional/mental support, But since most dudes try to practice stoicism anyways, This help, More often than not, Isn't worth what a dude would have to give up.

    Posted by: Amru
  • It depends on the person, Not the gender

    There are no traits that are universal for one gender. And the whole "women are backstabbing, Dramatic and two faced" is just a dumb stereotype that came from teenage drama shows like Mean Girls. Besides, It just proves that our society still has traces from misogyny left. The people who exclude half of the population are really missing out on good friendships.

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