Gender conformity: Is there value in conformity to gender roles?

  • The Value of Gender Conformity

    Traditional gender expectations are a reality of modern society. Although some women and men are exceptional examples of their genders, most people's behavior conforms largely with societal expectations regarding gender roles. People who do not adapt or conform are often not lauded or understood by society. Therefore, unless a reason for exceptional gender role behavior exists, it is better to conform to society's expectations of those roles.

  • If there was no value, they would not exist

    Gender roles developed out of a perceived necessity. Many of them have become outdated, perhaps, but there is still utility.

    As time goes on, they may fade farther and farther into the background, but women will always have babies, and established preferences will likely persist even as the gall bladder has.

    All in all, I am happy that people are understanding more and more that they don't have to stick with them if they don't want to. That freedom is the important thing.

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  • People should do what they want

    People should do what they want and not be expected to conform to gender roles. If someone's personality just happens to line up with traditional gender roles then there's nothing wrong with that either. But people should be free to be themselves either way, and not pressured to conform to arbitrary gender roles.

  • No there is no value. Glad we are out of the dark ages!

    Women were miserable being housewives. It's boring, pathetic. A disgrace. And dishonorable. There is NO reason why women have to stay home and men have to work. Men can stay home and us women will work. Housewives arnt as smart and they lack social skills. They've been around with new burns and young children its as if they lack a good adult talk in the outside world. I find it sad. It's unecessary. Housewives and gender roles are only pathetic in my eyes.

  • No not anymore thank goodness!

    Basic biology and Religion are the seeds to gender stereotypes. If we re-enforce "gender roles", people can't be who they really are. They have to hide it just for society. Although we have made huge progress, society is still stuck in the 50's. Society is still pressuring everyone to "act straight." That is discriminating LGBT people!

  • No their really is no value to it.

    Gender roles seems to limit people more then actually allow them to express or work with whatever they want to do in life. People are well capable in doing whatever they set their mind to, whether it be a stay at home dad, or a military mom, with not fallowing gender conformity our world has expanded farther then anyone could have imagined and the work that is being accomplished in many fields is flourishing.

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PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-23T16:48:32.543
Tradition sucks and it is not the way to go.