Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness and thus we should not be encouraging gender transitioning since they are, Technically, Not sound of mind.

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Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness and thus we should not be encouraging gender transitioning since they are, Technically, Not sound of mind.
  • Reagan's Final Solution

    There is of course no more Alcatraz, But if we as a nation had heeded The Great Communicator, There would be no AIDS in our land. And, Yet, Many secluded cloisters exist, Today. So, And through the most stringent cross-checking, Testing, Examinations and even interrogations, Find each and every one of these fluid nutcases, And make them go away. Permanently. This wrong turned socio-attitude, Is The New Plague. We lost our battle with AIDS. We Cannot permit rampant mental illness to become choice. Get Rid of Them.

  • Gender Dysphoria is Still a Mental Illness Whether We Say So or Not.

    The only reason gender dysphoria is not considered a mental illness anymore is because it's "intolerant" and "offensive. " The truth is that people who have gender dysphoria are not sound of mind. If you don't believe you are what you are born as when almost everyone else does, You have something wrong with you. And how would you even know that you feel like the opposite sex if you have no experience ever being the opposite sex? How do you know how it feels? Ripping apart your body gives you so many unnessary health risks, And why waste money feeding your dilusion instead of admitting you have a problem and getting real help?

  • It is a hormonal imbalance

    It does not make evolutionary sense for some one to want to transition. It makes them infertile and thus it should be selected out. This feeling of a need to transition is either the result of hormonal imbalance (too much or too little testosterone/estrogen) or the result of abuse or other trauma. All trans people I have encountered have pretty messed up lives so this would point towards the second option being more normal. While this may be an illness, It is currently uncurable so as to how we treat people with it is up to us to decide

  • We should not be encouraging it.

    I've always been against people encouraging those with gender dysphoria to transition to the sex desired instead of getting help for their mental illness because these people have a horrible mental illness that affects their lives and so we should not be encouraging them to go through with what their mental illness wants them to do. I liken Gender Dysphoria to other mental illnesses like depression and bipolar disorder, For people who have those mental illnesses, Their brain tells them things that are not true/it influences their lives in negative ways and they thus get treatment. But why are we not more concerned about getting people who want to mutilate their own genitalia the help they so desperately need, And instead let their mental illness rule their lives.

  • It's not a mental illness. . .

    Sorry dude, It's never been a mental illness and hasn't been a disorder since 2013. So technically, They're completely sound of mind, And as such, Have every right to do whatever they want with their bodies. And of course, The only effective treatment is transitioning, Not a psychologist, Because it's not a mental illness or disorder.

  • The treatment for gender dysphoria is transitioning

    Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, True, But so is anxiety and depression. We don't stop depressed people getting help because they "aren't sound of mind". Just because you have an illness, Doesnt mean you can't make decisions. People with gender dysphoria can make their own decisions about their body, And transitioning is often the only thing that can treat it.
    Not transitioning can trigger depression, Anxiety. Why would we force somebody to go through those horrible things? Why can't we let them be themselves?

  • Right start. Wrong conclusion.

    Yes, It is technically a mental illness. However, The way to treat said illness is to allow them to transition. The only risk Gender Dysphoria poses is depression when not allowed to be in the body of the gender they identify as. They're fully sound of mind all they need is support.

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