• It isn't so.

    An employer needs to have reliable long-term employees for starters Many would not employ anyone under 30 years old. Many do not employ women as men don't have babies. Now, this is a hard truth and yes we should share the load for humanities sake, but men work alone and women often can't. Men piss over there and women need a hiding place to piss. This all costs time and time is money.

  • Ann Widdecombe, previous Cabinet Minister, said it best...

    "When I think how far we've [woman] come and we now have so few grievances left that we whinge about mansplaining, I tell you if I would explain something to you you might call me patronizing."

    The 'woman are not equal' argument is a plead for a lesson on woman's past. Before the twentieth century, woman we're viewed as the 'cooks and maids' of the household- they didn't have but one job- maintain the household. Today, woman are out in the workplace helping to make this great nation a better place alongside men. Yet, even still, woman complain we are not equal. I challenge these woman- what WOULD make you feel equal? Because look around you- you have come SO far, how can you complain?

    You ask me? Men are becoming obsolete through the rising wrath of woman. Take for example the 'rape cases.' One simple claim that 'you inappropriately touched me' and I am sent to court after being fired, forced into debt as I pile on legal expenses while trying to live a ordinary life in a world that demonizes me.

    Thanks for the read guys, feel free to challenge me, and have a good week.

  • No neither is superior, but we are not equal.

    Equality implies that we are the same and there are no inherent differences. Millions of years of biological evolution has made this untrue. Just as no man is the same as another man, and no woman is as same as another woman. Just to put this quickly men have an Xy and women have an XX. That simple fact alone implies we are different. However, women and men are both integral to a functioning society.

  • It is so

    Women will NEVER be equal to men. I wonder how things would be when both parents are "equal" and working while they have a child ? Women being 'house-wifes' was a solution not a problem, when the west was moving from an industrial base economy to a knowledge based one. SOMEONE needed to take care of the kids so that they could go to school and get ready for the white collar jobs, post highschool/college grad. If both parents are out working and the child comes back home with no stable family life, then we might as well just go back into the 1800's economic reality. Where both parents worked and so did the kids.

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