Gene patents: Are gene patents, particularly related to food and agricultural products, a good idea?

  • Gene patents are necessary to support a growing world population

    Gene patents such as those put out by Monsanto are helpful because they make certain edible plants (like grain) that are easier to grow for an ever expanding world populatoin. We need to feed the world, and the current food supply is not enough. Genetically modified seeds (which need patents) may solve this problem.

  • Patent on Nature: Too Far

    I am completely against this. I find it bad enough that you can't take store bought food or flowers and use the seeds due to gene fuddlement. This is too far! To put a patent on a gene for an ear of corn is to put a patent on nature. I'm not a particularly religious person, but if there was ever a sign on the Antichrist of end of the world, it would be gene patents.

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