Gene patents: Can gene patents maintain public health and safety?

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  • No, how can you patent something you did not create?

    Patenting genes just makes our own basic biology a property of a faceless company. It does not maintain health and safety to require money to research or utilize genes that a company owns. I can understand the thinking underlying this idea. What if one of those genes was capable of turning on cancer in a person? Wouldn't it then be dangerous for the world as a whole to have access to it? I do not think so. The expertise required to use a gene nefariously would be prohibitively high.

  • No, gene patents cannot maintain public health and safety.

    In my opinion, gene patents cannot maintain public health and safety and as they have experienced in India gene patents often disrupt the health and safety of the populous. The idea that science can cure all ills is childish and the thought that because a piece of paper says that the unnatural element will not hurt or harm people or the natural order is just plain silly.

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