Gene patents: Do gene patents help (yes) or harm (no) research and development?

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  • Gene patents harm research and development.

    Gene patents harm research and development. All the gene patents do is restrict the information that should be free. Therefore, it hinders scientists approach to new advances of modern sciences. They should have never been allowed to patent something they did not invent in the first place. Genes were around since the first human and by putting restrictions on science you are hurting the future of people.

  • Gene Patents Stifle Research and Make Little Sense

    Gene patents restrict information that was once and should always have remained free. In the earlier days of genetic research, the grant funded Human Genome Project was primary in the field, then in 2000 the private corporation Celera mapped the human genome by computer and applied for a patent. This never should have been allowed, as Celera did not develop the human genome, it has existed since human evolution began. Free sharing of medical information for research is vital for development of new treatments and technologies, and anything that restricts this could cost human life.

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