General Mills buys Annie's: Is General Mills monopolizing grocery aisles?

  • General Mills has too much power

    General Mills has too much power and is monopolizing the grocery market. It is deceiving when so many different products act like they are in competition with each other when they are really owned by the same company. When you think of it, there really isn't much variety in the stores. This is because only a handful of companies own all the products at the market.

  • Yes. General mills is monopolizing grocery isles

    General Mills is a large company that just keeps getting larger. Most of the cereal that everyone eats is a general mills brand. With them buying out Annie's it just makes them larger and they will be given more shelf space for this new brand. Other Cereal companies have a hard time keeping up with General Mills' advertising budget so consumers are choosing General mills products.

  • Is There Anything Left?

    General Mills pretty much owns everything in the grocery store now, don't they? There is nothing wrong with capitalism when it works, but when it comes to our food supply, consumers need to be careful. We don't want or need one company to own all of our sustenance, and General Mills just owns too much now.

  • Yes, General Mills is monopolizing grocery aisles.

    General Mills keeps buying out smaller brands, taking over control and changing the standards of production. It's doubtful that Annie's will maintain the same level of quality products now that they have to follow along with General Mills. Companies like General Mills need to back of and let smaller business flourish so that the economy can improve. Monopolizing entire food categories is unhealthy.

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